Research Assistant/Associate (Physical Education and Sports Science Academic Group) [RS 13/17 GB]

  • The National Institute of Education invites suitable applications for the position of Research Assistant/ Associate on an 18-month contract at the Physical Education & Sports Science Academic Group.

    Project Title: Expanding the Reliability and Validity of Human Performance Prediction Model for Talent Identification in Mixed Age Athletes

    Project Introduction: In athletic running performances, various models have been developed to predict running performances ranging from 100m to marathon distances. However, these models were generally based on unverified assumptions, which may reduce accuracy. Few models are able to predict for a wide range of distances. Hence, the running energy reserve index (RERI) model was developed by Gupta and Balasekaran (2012) to predict all out 200m and 5000m track and treadmill running performances ranging from .19 seconds~ to 1339 seconds~. The model has been mathematically proven and validated to be able to accurately determine anaerobic energy reserve and differentiate between sprint trained and endurance-trained athletes. Therefore, RERI model is a useful tool to predict human running performance, talent identify proficient and talented young athletes in Singapore.

    The RERI model can be used in our local school settings to predict running performance for our young local talented athletes from different age groups. Specific advice can be provided to the coaches, physical educators, parents, sports institutes, sports associations and clubs on the type of training suitable for these athletes to groom them into professional athletes in the future. Most sports require endurance running or sprints (e.g. soccer, hockey, netball etc.), therefore it is not only running specific. Running transcends into most sports, therefore, data from the RERI model can also be useful for talent identification in other sports. To conclude, expanding the RERI model can help raise the standard of sports performance in Singapore.

    • A Bachelor’s degree with good honours, preferably a Master’s degree in Sports Science, Sport Physiology or related scientific discipline
    • Experience in conducting sports science research on human subjects
    • Familiar with exercise physiology laboratory setting and equipment
    • Good knowledge of computer programming and specialized software
    • Experience in some of the following areas would be desirable, i.e. protein purification and DNA/RNA extraction & expression, molecular biology, genotyping, PCR, biochemistry, human performance, muscle or cardiac physiology, microscopy, instrumentation maintenance and calibration
    • Excellent spoken and written English
    • Good organizational and interpersonal skills
    • Good computer competency
    • Recruit research participants, schedule and organising the data for analysis
    • Conduct data collection independently with varied instrumentation. Conduct and assist in lab testing experiments and field works
    • Compile and process data with varied software
    • Assist with the supervision of student research projects
    • Assist with the preparation of presentations, manuscripts and technical reports
    • Coordinate with clinicians, schools and other collaborators
    • Assist with the general maintenance of the laboratory
    • Other related duties and carry out other tasks that are assigned
  • Applicants should complete and submit the following item/s:

    • Application form for Research Positions
    • Cover letter explaining how you meet the requirements of this position
    • Supporting documents as stated on the job application form
    • Other documents to support your qualifications

    Please send your application to:

    Associate Professor G Balasekaran
    Physical Education and Sports Science Academic Group
    National Institute of Education
    1 Nanyang Walk
    Singapore 637616
    Tel: (65) 6790 3686

    **We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be notified**

  • 26 March 2018
  • NIE staff can take chartered buses at their own expense from or near their homes to the NIE campus. This is subject to availability of seats.