Policy and Leadership Studies

The Policy and Leadership Studies Academic Group (PLS AG) holds the vision of educational leaders who inspire and empower others within educational systems.

Policy and Leadership Studies

Associate Professor Ng Pak Tee

Associate Professor
Ng Pak Tee

Head, Policy and
Leadership Studies

Inspiring leaders, empowering educators

A confluence of policy and practice, spearheaded and supported by sound leadership, underpins the success of our education system and the holistic development of our students. Through our pre-service, in-service, career milestone and higher degree programmes, we aim to contribute to the development of school leaders and teachers by providing a platform for them to discover a nexus of theory and practice and enhance their capacity to take their schools to new heights of excellence. Through our research and publications in policy and leadership, we aim to provide insights that may be translated into inputs for policy making and beneficial practices on the ground. Through our work, we hope to develop educational leaders and teachers who inspire and empower others to work synergistically in the education system, both locally and internationally. We hope to prepare school leaders and teachers who can meet emerging challenges in education with purpose and confidence.