Initial Teacher Preparation Programmes

Initial Teacher Preparation (ITP) programmes in NIE prepare you for a career as a teacher. The programme develops student teachers’ knowledge and skills require of teachers to competently meet the demands and challenges of a dynamic teaching career.

Diploma Programmes

Dr Tan Soo Yin
Assistant Dean, 
Diploma & Student Development

There are a variety of initial teacher preparation programmes offered by NIE that will lead to Diplomas for candidates who will be teaching in primary or secondary schools. There are two versions of the Diploma in Education programmes: the General and the Specialisation tracks. The General track prepares student teachers to become generalist primary school teachers while the Specialisation track provides for specialisation in the teaching of the mother tongue languages and Physical Education at the primary or secondary school level, and Art, Music or Home Economics at the secondary level.

Candidates who are interested in special needs education can offer a Diploma in Special Education (DISE). DISE is a 1-Year full-time programme that prepares teachers/Allied Educators (Learning & Behavioural Support) to teach children and young adults with a range of disabilities including intellectual, physical, sensory, behavioural and psychological disabilities.

NIE diplomas are the first qualifications towards a meaningful teaching career. They allow holders to pursue further academic and professional growth later in their teaching career.

The Diploma programmes offer the following specialisations:

Types Level for Teaching
Dip Ed General Primary 
Dip Ed (Mother tongue specialisations)  Primary/Secondary
Dip Ed (Music/Art/Homec specialisations)  Secondary
Dip Physical Education Primary
Dip in Art Ed, Music Ed, Home Ed  Secondary
Dip in Special Education Special Education Schools/Primary and Secondary [for Allied Educators (Learning & Behavioural Support) only]

For information on the NIE programme that MOE offers to its sponsored candidates, please refer to the MOE website:

The Associate Dean for Programme Planning and Management (AD/PPM) and Sub Dean for Diploma & Practicum (SD/Diploma & Practicum) oversee the curriculum review, development and implementation of the Diploma programmes. The team strives to continually ensure the relevance, rigour and overall academic excellence of these programmes.


Entry Requirements

Generally, the Diploma programmes admit candidates who hold either GCE 'A' Levels or polytechnic diplomas. Candidates applying for the DISE should have one month relevant experience. For more information on the requirements, you may view the details on


Admission Notice

If you are interested in these programmes, look out for advertisements in the newspapers or on TV, or call the MOE hotline 6872 2220. Alternatively, you can submit your application on-line through the MOE website at


Contact Information

For enquiries on Admission matters: nieadmtp [at] nie [dot] edu [dot] sg

For enquiries on Diploma Academic matters: diped [at] nie [dot] edu [dot] sg

For enquiries on DISE Academic matters, please email: dise [at] nie [dot] edu [dot] sg

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Request for Transcript of Academic Record

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