Non-Graduating Students

  • If you are a current graduate student in a recognised university, you may apply to be a Non-graduating Student (NGS) (Research) or Non-graduating Student (Coursework) at the National Institute of Education (NIE).

    NGS may take any of our Master’s courses while not enrolled in our Master’s programmes. You must satisfy the minimum criteria for entry into the programme. However, being allowed to take a course or courses and passing them does not guarantee entry into the programme. This will still be on a competitive basis.

    In addition, NGS (Research) is to seek approval from an NIE academic staff who has agreed to be your supervisor during your proposed period of stay at NIE. The duration of each research attachment period shall be no more than 1 semester (or 6 months).

    Candidates who are applying for courses in Master of Arts (Counselling & Guidance) and Master of Arts (Applied Psychology), are only allowed to choose the courses as listed below. Applicants will need to be qualified professionals (i.e. registered psychologist or certified counsellor) to be eligible to apply for the following courses:

    Master of Arts (Counselling & Guidance)

    1. MAC 813 Career Development and Counselling
    2. MAC 814 Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy
    3. MAC 812 Life-Span Developmental Psychology
    4. MAC 810 Ethical and Legal Issues in Counselling
    5. MAC 818 Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis in Counselling
    6. MAC 816 Group Process and Counselling
    7. MAC 819 Programme Evaluation in Counselling and Guidance
    8. MAC 811 Multicultural Counselling

    Master of Arts (Applied Psychology)

    1. MCP812 Group Dynamics and Counselling
    2. MEP821 Cognitive Behavioral Management and Interventions
  • For NGS (Research), it is not necessary for you to register for courses during the period of research attachment. However, if you choose to register for course(s), course fees will apply.

    For NGS (Coursework), you will be allowed to take a maximum of five courses in a semester.

    Due to the issuance of student passes, please note that international NGS (Coursework) applicants are to apply for a minimum of 3 courses and a maximum of 5 courses in a semester.

  • NIE does not provide any financial assistance.

    For NGS (Research), your research fees will be waived during your research attachment period at NIE. However, you have to bear all the expenses incurred during the attachment period and no letter of certification or attendance will be issued upon the completion of your research attachment. If you choose to register for a course at NIE during the research attachment period, you will have to pay the applicable course fee.

    NGS (Research and Coursework) are to pay the prevailing course fee depending on the course(s) registered for.

    The fees per course chargeable with effect from August 2017 semester are as follows:


  • NGS by Research Application Form

    • Please ensure that you have sought approval from an NIE academic staff who has agreed to be your supervisor during your proposed period of stay in NIE. Interested applicants are to submit the application form and supporting documents at least 3 months before the commencement of their research study at the Institute.

    Click here for Application Form

    NGS by Coursework Application Form and Course Application Form (Annex I)

    • For enrolment in January semester - Deadline: 5 December
    • For enrolment in August semester - Deadline: 5 July

    Click here for Application Form and Course Application Form (Annex I)

    For time-tables, please visit the NIE Portal.