6 September 2011

Attn: Student Teachers from the Dip Ed / Dip PE / Dip Art Ed / Dip Music Ed [Year 2], Dip Art/Music Ed (1-Year Prog) and BA/BSc (Ed) [Year 4]

The practicum school posting exercise for the following groups will take place in September 2011:



Types of Practicum

Date of Practicum

Dip Ed / Dip PE / Dip Art Ed /
Dip Music Ed [Year 2]

Jul 10

Teaching Practice (TP)

20 February – 4 May 2012

Dip Art/Music Ed (1-Year Prog)

Jul 11

Teaching Practice (TP)

20 February – 4 May 2012

BA/BSc (Ed) [Year 4]

Jul 08

Teaching Practice II (TPII)

20 February – 4 May 2012

Please update any changes in your particulars (e.g. address and contact information) in the NIE Portal by 23 September 2011. The updated address and contact information will be provided to your practicum schools. Do note that any change in address made in the NIE Portal does NOT trigger an automatic change of posting.

However, if you have shifted very far away (e.g.: from east to west) and would like to request for a change in school posting, please fill in the Request for Change of School form. Email the completed form to us at pract [at] nie [dot] edu [dot] sg also by 23 September 2011.  Late requests WILL NOT be entertained.

Other than the above-mentioned reason, most student teachers WILL BE POSTED BACK to their previous practicum school to continue with Teaching Practice/Teaching Practice II.

Thank you.

Office of Teacher Education (OTE)

Note:  Practicum school posting does not constitute to a permanent placement in the school.  The final placement of all NIE student teachers is ultimately decided by the Personnel Department (PED) of MOE.