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Redesigning Pedagogy: Culture, Knowledge & Understanding Conference 2007

Press Release Date: 
28 May 2007




The opening ceremony of Redesigning Pedagogy: Culture, Knowledge and Understanding Conference 2007 will be held at the Nanyang Auditorium, Nanyang Technological University on Monday, 28 May 2007. Guest of honour for the event is Rear-Admiral (NS) Lui Tuck Yew, Minister of State for Education. The programme for the opening ceremony is enclosed in Annexe A.

Highlights of the Conference

The conference has attracted nearly 1,800 participants from some 30 countries including Australia, Bhutan, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA.

The conference provides a platform for educational practitioners and researchers to share best practices across languages, contexts and countries and forge new innovative directions and educational research and practices that will have significant impact on the education system in Singapore and abroad.

Keynote Presentations

The keynote presentations by distinguished overseas researchers include the following:

Prof David Watkins, University of Hong Kong, China - What Works: Is Western Educational Research Relevant for Educational Reforms in Asia?

Western research on factors related to educational achievement is massive and meta-analyses of this data have produced clear evidence of which innovations are most effective in Western educational settings in terms of improving student learning outcomes. Such evidence has (sometimes) been used to inform educational reforms in Western countries, but are these findings relevant for Singapore and elsewhere in Asia?

Prof Philip Brown, Cardiff University, UK - Education, Globalisation and the Future of the Knowledge Economy

The dominant view today is of a global knowledge economy, driven by the application of new technologies, accelerating the shift to high-skilled, high-waged Western economies. Not only is education believed to hold the key to an international competitive but to the foundations of social justice and social cohesion. This talk will challenge these assumptions drawing on key findings from a major study of corporate strategies and the future of skills, involving leading transnational companies and policy-makers from seven countries - China, Germany, India, Korea, Singapore, United States and the United Kingdom.

Prof Judith Warren Little, University of California Berkeley, USA - Making the Most of Experience: Teachers' Representations of Practice as a Resource for Professional Learning and Instructional Decision Making

This keynote talks about the recent research on teachers' representations of practice and how they serve as resources for professional learning in the workplace and in professional development contexts, the organisational conditions that foster or impede teachers in learning from and through experience and how research in a range of cultural and national contexts might better inform efforts to aid teachers in learning from experience in generative ways.

The results of research conducted by the NIE's Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP) will also be shared at this conference.

The list and abstracts of distinguished keynote speakers are available in Annexe B and Annexe C respectively.

School Presentations

There is a significant number of papers presented by Singapore teachers. Besides the 36 papers presented by teachers from 16 schools, some teachers have co-authored papers with faculty from NIE, officers from the Ministry of Education and even teachers from other schools. For example, the paper Using Concept Mapping Tools To Construct Knowledge will be presented by Mr Peh Chin Heng from Maris Stella High School, Mr Cheng Ghee Hock from Beatty Secondary School and Ms Tan Sok Ngin from Anglican High School.

Strands of the Conference 

More than 570 papers will be presented in the form of keynote addresses, panels, plenary lectures, individual presentations, workshops and symposia. The papers are divided into the following strands:

1. Language and Literacy Education
2. Mathematics Education
3. Multiliteracies and Multimodalities
4. Science Education
5. IT Education
6. Affective Education
7. Humanities and Social Sciences
8. School Change and Leadership
9. Innovation in Curriculum Development and Classroom Practice
10. Student Performance and Assessment
11.  Anthropology and Cultural Studies
12.  Cognition and Understanding
13.  Cultures of Learning and Teaching
14.  Teacher Professional Development
15.  Visual and Performing Arts

Within each strand, there will be papers based on research in Singapore schools conducted by teachers, NIE lecturers and CRPP research staff.

Ruth Wong Memorial Lecture

As part of the conference, the Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS), NIE and the National University of Singapore will jointly organise the Ruth Wong Memorial Lecture on 29 May 2007.

The Ruth Wong Memorial Lecture is held in memory of Dr Ruth Wong Hie King, first Director of the former Institute of Education. An account of her life and legacy is available in Annexe D.

This year's lecture, entitled Schooling Today: Teaching Competence, Creativity and Compassion, will be delivered by Prof Elena L Grigorenko. A lecture abstract and the speaker's bio-data are detailed in Annexe E.

For more details on the conference, please refer to the website:


Speech by Prof David Hogan

Speech by Prof Lee Sing Kong

Speech by Rear-Admiral (NS) Lui Tuck Yew