English Language and Literature
Current Higher Degree by Research Students

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    Andrew Pereira Joseph

    A Multimodal Discourse Analysis Of Educational Marketing Campaigns In Singapore

    Dr Warren Liew

    AW Hui Teng

    Teachers' Perceptions And Use Of Talk In Singapore Secondary English Language Classrooms

    A/P Christine Goh

    Bai Shuming

    Effectiveness Of Storytelling To Instill Institutional Messages

    Dr Lwin Soe Marlar

    Bi Xiaofang

    Teacher's Questioning In Singapore Classrooms - A Corpus-Based Investigation

    Dr Guo Libo

    Choo Li Lin

    A Mixed-Methods Study Of Academic Referencing In Dissertations And Theses

    Dr Hu Guangwei

    Cui Ruiguo Developing Critical Thinking In China’s EFL Classroom Dr Peter Teo

    Galyna Kogut

    Teacher Talk In A Classroom: Creating A Dialogue For Students' Learning

    Dr Rita Silver

    Hui Chenri

    A Longitudinal Study On The Development Of Teacher Identity: From Initial Teacher Education To The Initial Years Of Teaching

    Dr Low Ee Ling

    Irwan Shah Shahruddin

    The Study Of Singapore English And The Effects Of New Media On Its Development And Use

    Dr Lubna Alsagoff

    Kan Hoi-Yi Katy

    Finding The Voice Of Youth For The Purpose Of Greater Civic Engagement

    Dr Csilla Weninger

    Keveri Rajoo

    The Use Of Comprehension Strategy Instruction To Raise Pupils' Understanding And Interest In The Texts Used In The School-Based Reading Programme

    Dr Willy Renandya

    Koh P-Chong

    Men In Lust: Representations Of Male Sexuality In Gothic Novels

    Dr Joel Gwynne

    Lam Tsui Eu Sandra

    A Qualitative Study Of Second Language Writers? Use Of Teacher And Peer Feedback

    Dr Cheung Yin Ling

    Lee Tuck Leong

    Movement Across Liminality : How Ritual Performance Holds Dramatic Tension In The (Not Space) Of In between

    Dr Phyllis Chew

    Lei Jun


    A Comparative Study Of Chinese Novice Researchers' Apprenticeship In Writing For Publication In English And Chinese


    Dr Hu Guangwei

    Liew Pei Li

    Re-Visioning Assessment To Encourage And Measure Teaching And Learning Of Twenty-First Century

    Competencies In Singapore Integrated Programme Schools

    Dr Suzanne Choo

    Matthew Patrick Wallace

    Effects Of Decoding Processes Instruction On The Listening Development Of Japanese High School Students

    Dr Christine Goh

    Ong Po Keng Fiona

    Exploring The Rhythmic Patterning Of Englishes In The Kachruvian Circles

    Dr Low Ee Ling

    Pavel Adamek

    A Comparative Study Of Research Papers In Earth And Biological Sciences Written By Students And Proficient Writers

    Dr Hu Guangwei

    QUEK Yee Ser Sharon

    Tense and Aspect in Singapore English: A corpus-based analysis of acquisition errors in narrative writing

    A/P Lubna Alsagoff

    Raslinda Binte AHMAD RASIDIR

    Investigating the Linguistic Interactions of Primary School Children in Negotiation for Meaning in Reading Comprehension

    A/P Rita Silver

    Robbie Lee Sabnani

    Scaffolded Dialogue In Singapore Primary School English Classroom To Develop Oracy And Critical Thinking

    Dr Christine Goh

    SEE Eng Kiat

    A Study of Stance, Evaluation and Engagement of Journal Forums Across Various Academic Disciplines

    Asst/P Csilla Weninger

    Wang Guihua

    A Mixed-Methods Study Of Evaluation In Academic Book Reviews: Disciplinary, Gender And Historical Perspectives

    Dr Hu Guangwei
    Xie Chaoqun

    Neoliberal Discourse In University Introductions: An Appraisal Perspective

    Dr Hu Guangwei

    YANG Jing

    A Study of the Effectiveness of Self-Regulated Strategy Development in the Context of Secondary EFL Writing Classrooms in China

    A/P Hu Guangwei

    Yong Yik Ling

    Shakespeare's Architectural Thinking 

    Dr Angus Whitehead

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    Ang Huei Minn

    Teaching And Teacher Identity: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis Of Teaching Advertisements In Singapore

    Dr Peter Teo

    Chan Swee  Yin Adeline

    Implementation Of English Language Portals In Singapore Secondary Schools: Impact On English Language Curriculum And Teaching Practices

    Dr Mary Ellis

    Goh Wei Ming Bryn

    School Choice, Neoliberalism In The Education Marketplace In Singapore ¿ A Multimodal Analysis Of School Websites

    Dr Warren Liew

    Narinderjit Kaur Dhillon

    Untying The Sari: The Conflict Between Tradition And Modernity In Contemporary Bollywood Cinema

    Dr Joel Gwynne

    Samuel Ong Junjie Inter-Ethnic Vowel Comparison In Singapore English

    Dr Low Ee Ling

    Tamarai Selvi

    What Makes Writing `Interesting': A Grammatical Analysis Of Non-Fiction Writing Of Primary School Studies

    Dr Lubna Alsagoff

    Tan Lee Choo

    Weaving Of Language And Knowledge Across The Curriculum: An Analysis Of Teachers? Pedagogical Practices And Students? Learning

    Dr Rita Silver