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BA/BSc (Ed) English Literature

The BA/BSc (Ed) in English Literature is a unique programme designed to give students a rigorous grounding in English Literature while also equipping those on the secondary track for teaching the subject at secondary school level and those on the primary track for teaching English Language in primary schools.

There are 2 tracks in the BA/BSc (Ed) Programme (English Literature):

 BA/BSc (Ed) Primary and Secondary;

The BA/BSc (Ed) programme comprises the following areas of study.

  1. Academic Subjects (AS):
  2.  Curriculum Studies (CS)
  3.  Subject Knowledge (SK)
  4.  Language Enhancement and Academic Discourse (LEADs)
  5.  Essential Course (EC)
  6.  General Elective (GE)
  7.  Education Studies (ES)
  8.  Group Endeavours in Service Learning (GESL)
  9. Practicum
  angelia-poon-web-small 120x150   BA/BSc (Ed) (Literature) Programme Leader

A/P. Poon Mui Cheng Angelia

Email: angelia.poon@nie.edu.sg

Tel: 6790 3432

 Zabrinah Bte ZAINI (!20x150)   Administrative Enquiries

Zabrinah Bte Zaini

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Tel: 6790 3390

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