Consultation Sessions & Workshops

Consultations are arranged at a time that is mutually convenient for you (student teachers) and a TLDC lecturer. They are about 20 minutes each. You may arrange an individual consultation or attend as a small group with a common issue.

To arrange a consultancy session, please email Dr Ellis:


Consultations can help you develop the following skills:
  • Communication skills: oral presentations and English pronunciation. Students can practice their oral presentation and receive feedback on their language use and pronunciation.
  • Academic language and writing: vocabulary, grammar, style, essay structure, and appropriate use of sources. For instance, students can learn strategies for editing, avoiding plagiarism, and using of referencing styles such as APA.

We can also help you with feedback related to language use that they may have received from their course tutors. Course tutors may recommend that students arrange to attend consultation sessions for language development.

Policies for consultations
  • While we will not edit or proofread students’ work, we will help them become better editors or proofreaders of their own work. We will identify areas of weakness, discuss these with the students and refer them to relevant resources. We may also recommend practice activities.
  • As our focus is language improvement, we will help with advising on reading strategies, but not with course content. We will also not advise on take-home exam papers.
  • Students can have one appointment per week
  • 24 hours notice is needed if students cancel their appointments.
  • Latecomers will not be given extra time with the tutor.
  • Reports will be kept on students’ consultation sessions and will be available for tutor’s reference.

TLDC runs a series of workshops throughout the year on themes such as:

  • Overwhelmed by Information? How to Deal with Information Overload?
  • Presentation Skills
  • Academic Writing: Integrating and Documenting Sources Using APA Style
  • Online Resources for Improving Spoken English
  • Language in TV News
  • Maintaining your Stand in Academic Writing

Workshops are advertised through Blackboard and via Posters.