CHUA Bee Leng

Senior Lecturer

Assistant Dean, Professional Practice & Inquiry

Office of Teacher Education (OTE), Psychological Studies (PS)

Office Location

Ph.D. (National Institute of Education)
M.Ed. (Nanyang Technological University)
DDM (Nanyang Technological University)
PGDE(Sec) (Nanyang Technological University)
B.S. (National University of Singapore)


Research Interests
Problem-based learning, Motivation, Cognitive Coaching

  • Dr Chua Bee Leng is the Assistant-Dean for Professional Practice & Inquiry (Office of Teacher Education) at the National Institute of Education. She is also a lecturer with the Psychological Studies Academic Group. She has conducted research in the areas of Mediated Learning, Problem-based learning, e-PBL, Motivation and Cognition. In addition to her work in National Institute of Education, she also shares her expertise in subject disciplines such as educational studies and instructional pedagogies with schools and educators from other organizations and countries regularly.