CHUA Sook Ning


Psychological Studies (PS)

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PhD Clinical Psychology McGill University 2012  
MA Social Psychology University of Waterloo 2008
BA (Hons) Psychology McGill University 2006


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Research Interests
cross-culture, mental health interventions, Motivation, self-regulation, social support

  • Dr. Chua Sook Ning is a lecturer and clinical psychologist at National Institute of Education. Her research focuses on motivation, need satisfaction and well-being in the context of social relationships. She is particularly interested in cross-cultural issues of support and self-motivation strategies. For instance, can a person be autonomously motivated in a controlling environment? Can social norms buffer the negative effects of control? 

    In addition, she founded Relate Malaysia - a community organization which aims to emphasize the importance of mental health as part of well-being; to decrease the stigma of mental illness; promote prevention and early intervention; develop effective, evidence based and accessible interventions; and encourage the establishment of community support and services for all who need them.