HILARIAN Larry Francis

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Visual & Performing Arts (VPA)

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  • Larry is currently an Associate Professor. He is an ethnomusicologist, composer and music educator. Larry studied the guitar and specialised in Japanese shakuhachi, Balinese gamelan, Arabian 'kd, and the Malay gambus (lute). Larry studied BA (Hons) in Music at Dartington College of Arts and MA in Queen's University of Belfast (Great Britain), Teacher's Certificate and Certificate in Education from Croyden College and Oxford Brookes University in Britain. His doctorate is in Ethnomusicology from the University of London. He has been presented three times with the "Excellence in Teaching Award" by the university. Larry is an internationally known scholar and he has presented research papers at many international conferences. His research has been published in Vietnamese Institute of Musicology, Philippines Ethnomusicology Journal, Asian Musicology Journal Vol. 3. and Vol. 6., Korean Educational Journal, Desacatos journal in Spanish and in the British Galpin Society Journal. Larry has also co-authored two secondary school music textbooks Exploring Music 1 and 2, which were widely used in most Singaporean schools.