LOH Seow Boon

Teaching Fellow

Natural Sciences & Science Education (NSSE)

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MEd, PGDE (Sec), BSc (Hons)


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Research Interests
curriculum design, assessment modes, physics education, school leadership, strategic planning

  • Mr Loh Seow Boon is currently on secondment to the Natural Sciences and Science Education (NSSE) Academic Group of the National Institute of Education as a Teaching Fellow. He teaches primary and secondary science courses in the Dip Ed, BSc (Ed) and PGDE programmes. After graduating with BSc (Hons) in Physics from NUS, Mr Loh went on to complete the PGDE (Sec) at NIE and began his teaching career as a physics teacher in a junior college in 2001. He was subsequently appointed as the Subject Head (Physics) and during the last 4 years with the JC, as Head of Department (Science). In 2011, Mr Loh left for the University of Melbourne to pursue his Master of Education under the MOE Professional Development Leave Scheme. His main research interests include ‘Curriculum Design and Assessment’,’ Creativity and Innovation Education’, ‘Educating for Thinking’, ‘Educating for Knowledge and Understanding’ and ‘Assessing 21st Century Competencies in the Science Curriculum’. Prior to joining NIE, Mr Loh was a Vice-Principal of a secondary school for a few years. Apart from his teaching experiences, he also brings with him extensive knowledge in matters pertaining to Strategic Planning, Education Policies, People Management, Motivational Strategies and MOE’s School Excellence Model (SEM). 

    Academic Background
    • BSc (Merit) Physics, 1998, National University Of Singapore
    • BSc (Hons) Physics, 1999, National University Of Singapore
    • PGDE (Sec) With Credit, 2001, National Institute Of Education
    • Master of Education, 2012, University Of Melbourne


    • Outstanding Contribution Award (Department), 2007


    Research Interests
    • Curriculum Design
    • Assessment Modes
    • Physics Education
    • School Leadership
    • Strategic Planning

    • ACS 402   Current Trends, Issues and Challenges in Primary Science
    • DCS 201   Innovations in Designs and Practices for Primary Science
    • QCS 503   Innovations in Designs and Practices for Primary Science
    • INS 4402   Topics in Physical Science for Primary Science
    • INS 4403   Teaching Diversity in Primary Science
    • INS 4404   Teaching Cycles in Primary Science
    • MLS 112   Secondary Science