Mohamed Faizal Bin BADRON

Teaching Fellow

Natural Sciences & Science Education (NSSE)

Office Location

MEd (Science), PGDE (credit), B.Eng (Hons)


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Research Interests
differentiated instruction, multiple intelligence, physics education, student motivation

  • With the passion for Science and a Physicist at heart, Mohamed Faizal started his career as a trained Science educator in 2007. He strives to instil the love for Science in all his students through inquiry and differentiated instructions. He has spearheaded a tripartite partnership project on animal conservation with Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore Zoo. The project has given birth to the Education@Zoo application for iPhone and iPad which was successfully launched in 2012. Mohamed Faizal has held key leadership position in the Science department and led various Professional Learning Community (PLC) teams. His team has designed and implemented learning packages involving problem-based learning (PBL), experiential learning and differentiated instruction based on multiple intelligence theory. Currently, his interests are in physics education, primary and lower secondary science, flipped classroom and semiotics.

    Academic Background
    • MEd (Science), 2012 (Nanyang Technological University)
    • PGDE (Credit), 2006 (Nanyang Technological University)
    • BEng (Hons), 2004 (Nanyang Technological University)
    Professional Organisations
    • Australian Science Education Research Association
    • Outstanding Contribution Award (2007)
    • Outstanding Contribution Award (2008)
    • Outstanding Contribution Award (2009)
    • Outstanding Contribution Award (2010)
    • Most Caring Teacher award (2010)
    • Outstanding Contribution Award (2011)
    • MOE Innergy Award (2012)
    • Outstanding Contribution Award (2013)
     Research Interests
    • Differentiated science inquiry
    • Multiple intelligences theory
    • Flipped classroom teaching
    • Semiotics 

  • AKS 101: Inquiry approach to primary science (Diversity and Cycles)
  • INS 4402: Topics in physical science for primary science teaching.
  • INS 4406: Introduction to themes in primary science: Interactions in primary science.
  • INS 4408: Assessment in primary science
  • QCP 522: Teaching of Physics III
  • QCS 502: Assessment modes and resource management in primary science.