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    I am Research Fellow at Singapore’s National Institute of Education (Nanyang Technological University), where I am involved in the ‘Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project’ (SKIP), a large-scale longitudinal project on the transition from preschool to primary education. My research focuses on early childhood development and teacher-students interactions in preschool, and on the analysis of early cognitive and communicative development, both at home and in school settings. I specialize in  microgenetic analysis, which is particularly useful to explain and understand subtle changes. This analysis allows us to reflect about the role of adults as a guide in children's developmental process, and how their actions contribute to children outcomes.

    I studied in Universidad de Málaga (Spain) where I obtained two Bachelor's Degrees in Pedagogy (Educational Sciences) in 2007, and Educational Psychology, in 2009, for what I was given the Bachelor Extraordinary Award. In addition, I obtained my two firsts Master Degrees in Therapeutic Pedagogy (2008) and Early Intervention (2009). After completing these studies I moved to Madrid (Spain), and I was selected for the Training Program for University Teachers of the Spanish Ministry of Education for the period 2011-2014. I got my third Master Degree in Educational Psychology (2012) at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, while I started my doctoral degree in Development, Learning and Education (with emphasis in Early Development). I earned my PhD with International Mention at the School of Psychology in 2014, and an Expert Degree on University Teaching in 2015.

    I have taught diverse Psychology and Education courses as a Teaching Assistant at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2010-2014), and as a Lecturer at Universidad Europea de Madrid (2014-2016) and Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (2015-2016).