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Sa'eda Bte Buang



Dr Sa’eda binte Buang, a Senior Lecturer, has joined the Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group, NIE since 1 July 2001.


Dr Sa’eda received her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts from the National University of Singapore, and Doctor of Philosophy from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She obtained her Diploma in Education from the the Nanyang Technological University/National Institute of Education.

Research Interests

Dr. Sa’eda’s research interests are in the areas of curriculum development and reformation, educational equity, Muslim education, literacy and alternative assessments, curriculum leadership, creative writing and Malay literature.

Her research in progress is on Muslim education in Asia, its curriculum development, challenges and reformations, and their implications both locally and internationally. She was the guest editor for the Asia-Pacific Journal of Education's special issue on Muslim Education—Challenges, Opportunities and Beyond (2007).   She is also currently working on Bilingual Pedagogy in Singapore. Sa’eda is also interested in the development and nuances of Malay literary works in Singapore and has embarked upon a DBP-commissioned research on the Development of Short Stories in Singapore in 2005 as part of the DBP’s comparative studies on ASEAN literary works.

Professional Contributions

Dr Sa’eda’s research interest in literacy and alternative assessments has led to her involvement in the CRPP Core Panel 5 Mother Tongue Scoring Exercise in 2005 as one of its facilitators. The work involved assessing the intellectual quality of Malay Language tasks—either by teachers or students. It is her keen interest to instil ‘deep learning’ through quality tasks/assessments.  In 2005 she was appointed by the MOE to serve as a resource person for the Testing and Assessments, Malay Language Curriculum and Pedagogy Review Committee.  Sa’eda was invited by the Malay CPDD, MOE to conduct workshops on The Implementation of Open Book Examination in Malay Literature for Junior college teachers on 20 March 2007 & 9 May 2007.  The workshops provided the first ever practical guide for Malay language teachers and CPDD officers in the preparation for Open Book Examination that was introduced in that year.  Her professional contributions also include serving as consultants for schools and educational institutions in the areas of alternative assessments and teaching pedagogy.

Dr Sa’eda has served as Higher Degree Internal and External Examiner for a number of universities.   She was the guest editor for the Asia-Pacific Journal of Education's special issue on Muslim Education—Challenges, Opportunities and Beyond (2007), and a Reviewer for numerous internationally refereed journals. She has also published several academic papers in leading international peer-reviewed journals and been invited to contribute chapters in edited books by established publishers from USA, the Netherlands and UK.  She is currently a co-editor for the MLC/ALC’s e-Utama, an electronic academic journal.


Dr Sa’eda received the Award for Excellence in Teaching (Commendation) from NIE/NTU in 2006 and 2007, and won the Dean’s Commendation for Research Award, 2008, NIE/NTU, for her article entitled “The Life and Future of Muslim Education”, published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Education Special Issue, 27(1), 1-9.

She also received the Literary Award (poetry) in 2003, and Literary Award (short stories), as well as Literary Award (commendation, poetry) from the Singapore Malay Language Council in 2005. Her award-winning poem entitled ‘Pustakaku dalam Remang Senja’ (My Reading Room in the Twilight) was translated into Mandarin by Chan Maw Woh and featured in Lianhe Zaobao in 2003.  Another of her award-winning poem entitled ‘Malang, senda & citra’ (Misfortunes, comedy and image) has been selected for the ‘READ! Singapore 2010’ campaign which aims to, among other things, create a vibrant reading culture in Singapore.


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Conference Presentations

Sa'eda Buang (2009, April). Madrasah schools and the challenge to implementing creative and responsive teaching approaches. Paper presented at The Fourth Arab Scientific Conference of Education and the Challenges of the Future, Cairo.

Sa’eda Buang (2008). Islamic based teacher education in the face of new challenges. In Darwis A. Sulaiman (Ed.) Reformation of concepts and implementation of Islamic education at educational institutions in Aceh,Indonesia (pp. 155-160). Banda Aceh: Aceh Education Council.

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Sa’eda Buang (2005, March). Akhbar penggalak kecerdasan pelbagai (use of newspapers to enhance multiple intelligences). Paper presented at Making News: Teach All about it, organised by English language and Literature Teachers Association & Singapore Press Holdings Foundation, Hotel Grand Hyatt, Singapore, Singapore.

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Sa’eda Buang (2009). The evolution of the madrasah school system in Singapore: with special emphasis on its curriculum development, Nanyang Technological University/National Institute of Education, Singapore. An  unpublished PhD thesis.