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  • Assoc Prof Seetha Lakshmi was appointed the post of Trainer at the Speical Training Programme (Mother Tongue), National Institute of Education on lecturer of Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group, NIE on 2 June 1997.

    Professional Contributions

    Assoc Prof Seetha Lakshmi served as the Sub-Editor at the Tamil Murasu Newspaper in 1991-1992 and taught Tamil language in Mei Chin Secondary School h School. from 1993 to 1997 . She has served as the Trainer and Co-ordinator for Tamil Studies in the Special Training Programme in the National Institute of Education in 1997-1999 and later joined as a Teaching Fellow in 1999 in the School of Arts..

    She served as the Assistant Professor in 2001 to 2010 and the Head of the Tamil Langauge and Culture Division from June 2002 - July 2007.

  • Her teaching and research interests have been concerned primarily with Standard Spoken Tamil, Curriculum Review, Classroom Pedagogy, Tamil lexicography, teaching Tamil as a second language, Tamil pedagogy for the Tamil Diaspora, Sociolinguistics and the Development of Tamil Language, Literature through Mass Media.

  • Assoc Prof Seetha Lakshmi received her Bachelor of Arts in Tamil Language and Literature from University of Madras in 1985, 1987 and Master of Philosophy from University of Madras in 1989.

    She also obtained his Diploma in Translation from the International Institute of Tamil Studies in 1990 and Post Graduate Diploma in Education in 1993 from Nanyang Technlogical University in 1993.