STROGGILOS Vasilios @ Strogilos Vasilis

Assistant Professor

Early Childhood & Special Needs Education (ECSE)

Office Location

Ph.D. in Education, School of Education, University of Birmingham/UKPostgraduate Certificate in Research Methods, School of Education, University of Birmingham/UK. M.A. in Education (Severe Learning Difficulties), School of Education, University of   Birmingham/UKB. A. in Primary Education. Department of Primary Education, University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece.


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Research Interests
Differentiated teaching and learning, Inclusive pedagogy and curricula, Multidisciplinary collaboration and co-teaching as a means to inclusion for all students, The education of students and adults with learning disabilities

  • Vasilios has experience as a teacher of special education in English and Greek schools. In higher education he has worked as a researcher at the University of the Aegean/ Greece, as an online tutor at the Roehampton London Online University and at the Greek Open University, and as a lecturer and assistant professor at the University of Thessaly/ Greece. His teaching and research have focused on special and inclusive education. His recent research interests have centered on the development of inclusive pedagogy and curricula with a specific interest on co-teaching and differentiation, and on multidisciplinary collaboration as a means to inclusion for students with severe and multiple disabilities. He has participated in a number of research projects and has published research articles and studies in peer-reviewed journals, books, and conference proceedings.

  • 2010 to date. Member of Hellenic Educational Research Society

  • Completed: 20 master thesis

    In progress: 3 PhD thesis

  •  2001- 2005               Awarded Scholarship from Hellenic Scholarship Foundation for PhD studies.

    1997 – 1998              Awarded Scholarship from Patera Foundation for Master’s studies.

     1994- 1995              ‘Second Student of the Year’ Award from The University of the Aegean, Greece.