TAN Ying Kiat

Teaching Fellow

Psychological Studies (PS)

Office Location

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Pri) (National Institute of Education)
Master of Applied Commerce (University Of Melbourne)
Bachelor in Psychology (University Of Western Australia)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (National University Of Singapore)


Office Telephone Number
6790 3348

Research Interests
character and moral education, Redefining leaders and exploring the understanding of leadership, social psychology – group dynamics

  • Mr Tan Ying Kiat is a Teaching Fellow with the Psychology Studies Academic Group, National Institute of Education. He has worked in primary school education, spending most of his time facilitating gifted learners. As an In-house counsellor, he has also assisted learners with various learning and social-emotional challenges the best he can. He desires to change the world – one learner at a time, beginning with himself.