Toh Yancy

Research Scientist

Office of Education Research (OER)

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Research Interests
Complex Systems, Educational Leadership, Innovation Diffusion, School Change, Seamless Learning, Technology Integration

  • Dr Toh Yancy is a Research Scientist at the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), Office of Education Research (OER). Her research interests include leadership studies, school reforms, innovation diffusion, complex systems and seamless learning. She is particularly interested in examining the systemic influences that impinge on a school’s capacity to sustain technology-enabled pedagogical innovations for student-centred learning.

    Dr Toh has participated in projects funded by the National Research Foundation, National Institute of Education and Ministry of Education where she examines students’ informal learning practices as well as the typology of innovation diffusion models across Singapore schools. In addition, she is involved in international projects such as seven-nation study on school autonomy and curriculum reforms. She has also published SSCI journal papers and working paper series with the OECD and UNESCO.

    Having taught in junior college and polytechnic prior to her current role, Dr Toh has been exposed to a wide repertoire of teaching approaches in the local educational scene, which makes her more attuned to the multi-faceted challenges of change reforms, not only at the policy or organisational level, but also at the level of teachers who seek support in their pursuits for pedagogic transition. She has also worked in the e-learning industry where she oversaw several key projects ranging from the revamp of the Learning Management System to working alongside with subject domain experts to develop courseware for the K12 educational market. With immersion in academia, school and industry, she focuses on making theoretical contributions as well as translating research findings into meaningful and germane outcomes for stakeholders.

    Research Projects


    Title of Project Role/Source of Funding
    Scaling as Innovations: Diffusion Models in the Singapore System Joint-Principal Investigator, eduLab/National Research Foundation, MOE commissioned, Tier 3
    Multilevel ICT Integration for Diffusing Complex Pedagogical Innovations Principal Investigator, EdRF, Tier 1
    Towards an Ecological Model of Scaling Co-Principal Investigator, eduLab/National Research Foundation, MOE commissioned, Tier 3
    Baseline Study on School Autonomy and Curriculum Reforms in the Singapore Education System Co-Principal Investigator, EdRF, Start-up Grant
    LI-nterChange: Towards a contextual- and social-mediated seamless language learning practice with multiple learning pathways Collaborator, EdRF, Tier 1, Collaborator