Vilma Ann D'Rozario

Associate Professor

Psychological Studies (PS)

Office Location

PhD (University of Minnesota), MS (Counselling and Counsellor Education)( Indiana University), BA (University of Singapore)


Office Telephone Number

Research Interests
Caring Teachers, Children's Environmental Identity, Learning Outside the Classroom and Well-being of Children, Master Therapists, Service-learning, Group counselling, Multicultural counselling

  • Vilma D'Rozario is Associate Professor with the Psychological Studies Academic Group at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. She teaches pre-service counselling and graduate group counselling courses. Her research interests include service-learning, master therapists, caring teachers, children learning outside the classroom, and exploring the relationship between well-being and affinity to nature. She is also involved in student life on campus as adviser to the NIE Service Learning Club. She volunteers extensively in environmental and wildlife conservation projects in Singapore.