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English Language & Literature (ELL)

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Ph.D. (Linguistics); MA (English); MA (German)


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Research Interests
Critical discourse analysis, discourse and ideology, media and multimodal literacy, multimodal and semiotic analysis

  • My research examines the social, cultural and ideological dimensions of discourse and is motivated by a theoretical interest in shedding light onto the connections between situated language use and broader contextual factors. I work from the assumption that social interaction is a key site in/through which political and cultural ideologies get enacted, reproduced and challenged. My research investigates multiple forms and media of social interaction as sites of social control and sites of resistance, orienting to a social semiotic theory of language and communication. My doctoral research and subsequent publications examined these theoretical concerns within the context of US community revitalization discourse. Since becoming a faculty member at NIE, I have pursued the above theoretical questions in two key substantive areas: the analysis of discourse in the education domain and pedagogical applications through critical approaches to English language education. 

  • At NIE, I have taught undergraduate courses in Linguistics (Introduction to Linguistics; Phonetics/Phonology) and Critical Discourse Analysis. At the postgraduate level, I teach Discourse Studies as well as Critical Language Awareness.

  • Doctoral supervision (PhD)

    See Eng Kiat (current; sole supervisor)   “Most Clearly, Dads are Best!”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Fatherhood Discourses in Singapore (candidature confirmed)
    Katy Kan Hoi-Yi (current; sole supervisor) Performing Carnivalesque on Youtube: A Discourse Perspective (candidature confirmed)
    Chen Yixiong (current; sole supervisor)  Critical Analysis of Persuasion in Advertisements: The Grammar of Visual Design and Beyond



    Master of Arts


    Barkathnisha Begum (current)

        A semiotic analysis of a Singapore secondary school’s publicity materials 
    Soh Shuang Shuang Zealyn (current)     Identity/Impression management in obituary and memorial and condolences
    Alex Chee Wei Zhi (graduated in 2016)      A discourse analysis of Singaporean family meal time interactions
    Li Jia (graduated in 2015)     Chinese female graduate students’ construction of gender: An interactional analysis
    Poh Mei Cheng (graduated in 2015)      A conversation analysis of Whatsapp messages
    Alfiah Yousoff (graduated in 2014)
        Topic shifts in a multi-party text exchange: A case study on Whatsapp messaging
    He Xianzhong (graduated in 2012)     Media images, migrant reality: A corpus-based critical discourse analysis of the representation of migrant workers in English newspapers in China.
    Chen Yixiong (graduated in 2012)     An interlingual perspective on recontextualization 
    Kan Hoi-Yi Katy (graduated in 2011)     Is there a place for Critical Language Awareness in the Teaching of Business English to Polytechnic Students in Singapore?
    Lee Jiyo (graduated in 2011)     A Genre Analysis of Korean Political Apology Speeches
    Teo Shi Ling (graduated in 2011)     “Time to man up”: An exploration of new masculinity in print media in Singapore