YANG Peidong


Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE)

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BSc Hons. (1st Class) (NTU, Singapore); Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Science Research Methods (Distinction) (Cardiff University, UK); M.Phil Sociology (Cardiff University, UK); D.Phil Education (University of Oxford, UK)


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  • YANG Peidong is a lecturer at Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Singapore. He received his BSc in Maritime Studies (Hons, 1st Class) from Nanyang Technological University, but moved on to train as a social scientist by obtaining a Master of Philosophy in sociology from Cardiff University (UK), and subsequently a Doctor of Philosophy in education from the University of Oxford. Peidong’s main research interests are international educational mobility (particularly international students), migration and its social/cultural consequences, and the sociology/anthropology of education. To a lesser extent, he is also interested in and has written on media/internet-related sociocultural phenomena in contemporary China. In short, Peidong is interested in questions of class, identity, diversity, and social transformation in the larger context of globalization via the empirical lenses of international students, migration/mobility, and media.



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     Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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    Book Chapters

    Yang, P. (2016). The PRC “Foreign Talent” Scholars and Their Singaporean “Other”: Neo-Occidentalism Amidst Intercultural Contact in the Context of Higher Education Student Mobility. In R. Machart, F. Dervin & M. Gao (Eds.), Intercultural Masquerade: New Orientalism, New Occidentalism, Old Exoticism (pp. 33-49). Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London: Springer.

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    Book Reviews

    Yang, P. (2017). Transnational Students and Mobility: Lived Experiences of Migration, Hannah Soong (2016). Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration, 1(1), 137-139.

    Yang, P. (2016) Figuring out the university and the student in neoliberal times: reviews of Learning under neoliberalism (Hyatt, Shear and Wright 2015) and Figuration work (Nielsen 2015). Social Anthropology, 24(2), 243-248

    • Identity and diversity
    • Globalization
    • Sociology of education

    • International student mobility
    • Migration
    • Sociology/anthropology of education
    • Contemporary China
    • Media and the Internet