The Early Intervention of Malay Preschool Teachers in Promoting Children's Mathematics Learning

Project Number
Yayasan Mendaki-Early Intervention

Project Duration
February 2009 - April 2010


The landscape of service provision to young children with disabilities is relatively young starting in the 1980s with the Child Development Programme starting (Ho, 2007) and the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (E!PIC; Clarke & Sharpe, 204). Whilst the field has since witnessed a proliferation of early intervention services for young children with disabilities, the EIPIC continues to be relevant supporting up to 20% of the cases referred to the Child Development Program (Ho, 2007). Whilst the provision of E!PIC services dates back to 1983, there is a relative lack of local data to guide service provision. Some reasons which may explain this dearth in data include the lack of systematic data collection among EIPIC centres, and more significantly the lack of normed instruments available for such a purpose. One exception to this trend has been the recently completed EIPIC Baseline study which has described the current trends and challenges in EIPIC centres. Building upon the findings of the EIPIC Baseline study, the EIPIC Consultancy Project wlll commence shortly to help support E!PIC centres fulfil their role better. Apart the above studies, there is also an independent investigation seeking to understand the landscape of early intervention in Singapore (Poon & Yang, 2010). In this ongoing investigation, the service models, facilitators, and barriers to the support of preschool children with disabilities is surveyed in ElPlC centres, other providers of early intervention, and in preschools.

Funding Source
Yayasan Mendaki

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