Psychological Studies

The Psychological Studies Academic Group is staffed by a team of dedicated academics, researchers and psychologists with wide-ranging expertise in Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Assessment. 

About Psychological Studies

Associate Professor Ang Pei-Hui, Rebecca

Associate Professor
Ang Pei-Hui, Rebecca

Head, Psychological Studies

Here we have a team of educators and psychologists passionate about the application of psychology to the art of education. In this era of globalisation and the rapid proliferation of knowledge and technology, schools and individuals have to cope with change and be able to see new promises and challenges. We see psychology as an integrative discipline to help us advance our understanding of human thought and behavior to help people cope, adapt and learn at their best. We also learn and collaborate with scientists and educators in diverse fields such as special education, learning sciences, cognitive science and the education of specific disciplines (e.g. language, mathematics and science education). 

We see ourselves as facilitators and mediators to make the wealth of research and knowledge in the diverse fields of psychology (such as educational psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, counseling psychology and psychometrics) more accessible to the community – our undergraduates, pre-service teachers, in-service teachers and aspiring specialist in guidance, counseling and applied psychology.     

We believe in mentoring and building people and creating learning communities and networks that will enable our trainee teachers, counselors and aspiring specialists to not only to acquire professional knowledge, skills and competence but also form lasting interest groups to support their professional lives and practices.

We welcome you to enjoy the journey with us each time you embark on a course that applies this fascinating field of psychology, whether it be helping individuals learn, counseling the young and adults or doing dynamic assessments. We also welcome collaboration from professionals and researchers in our quest to enhance the application of psychology to empower the education enterprise. 

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Associate Professor Ang Pei-Hui, Rebecca
Head, Psychological Studies