NIE Research Brief Series


The NIE Research Brief Series was conceived as a channel for communicating NIE’s research findings to policymakers, school leaders and researchers. The Research Briefs is aimed at research-to-practice translation, that is, the dissemination, implementation and diffusion of research findings that impact policy and practice. By clearly articulating the research in terms of its implications for policy and teaching practice, we hope to inform decisions on education in Singapore.

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The research brief series numbers are identified as Year Published-Series Number. For example, 15-002 refers to: series number 2 and published in 2015.

16-019 (DEV 01/14 RS): Managing the Data Lifecycle for Research (Cost-)Effectiveness
16-018 (OER 44/12 TLS): Cultures and Leverages for Nurturing Adaptive Capacities through Curriculum Innovation
16-017 (OER 40/12 RS): The Crucial Time Factor in Sustainable Teacher Development and Assessment of Student Outcomes
16-016 (OER 46/12 LPF): Learning to Argue and Arguing to Learn: Developing Scientific Argumentation Skills in Pre-service Chemistry Teachers
16-015 (OER 31/12 LA): Exploring Learning Spaces in School-based Co-curricular Activities
16-014 (OER 30/12 LK): Schools Engaging Parents in Partnership: Supporting Lower-Achieving Students in Schools
16-013 (OER 29/12 PDY): Teacher Burnout and Teaching Effectiveness in Singapore
16-012 (OER 28/12 DN): Instructional Leadership in Singapore and East Asia
16-011 (OER 22/12 TTL): Mathematical Problem Solving for Everyone: Infusion and Diffusion (MinD)
16-010 (OER 21/12 WCK): The Power of Beliefs in Impacting Motivation: Motivating the Academically Unmotivated
16-009 (OER 17/12 ED): Learning Through Popular Music, Lessons for the General Music Programme Syllabus in Singapore
16-008 (OER 16/13 TTW): Children are Natural Scientists: Learning Science in Early Childhood and Early Primary Years
16-007 (OER 15/11 LEL & OER 14/13 LEL): The Contribution of Teacher Education in Singapore to the Development of Teacher Competencies and Identity
16-006 (OER 11/12 HHQ): Integrating Classroom Discourse for Reflective Practice and Professional Development
16-005 (OER 54/12 TLS): Curriculum Innovation and the Nurturing of 21st Century Learners
16-004 (OER 05/11 LCY): What can English Teachers Tell Us about the Emotional Demands of their Work?
16-003 (OER 02/13 TPI): Instructional Coaching and Learning of Instructional Practices: A Study of the Perceptions of Coaches and Teachers
16-002 (OER 01/13 SFB): Breakfast and Exercise Influence Academic Performance in Adolescents
16-001 (OER 01/12 LYJ): Hands-on and Minds-on Learning of Science using a Microbial Fuel Cell
15-013 (OER 45/12 MM): Learning to be Biliterate in English and Malay Using Dual Language Books
15-012 (OER 39/09 JW): Learning for Life, Learning with Fun: Igniting Students' Intrinsic Motivation to Learn in the Classroom
15-011 (OER 35/09 XL): Biliteracy Development: Metalinguistic Knowledge and Bilingual Academic Performance
15-010 (OER 20/10 TAL): Towards More Meaningful Science Inquiry for Primary Pupils
15-009 (OER 20/09 DH): Core 2 Research Programme: Pedagogy and Assessment
15-008 (OER 14/11 VC): Through the Lens of the School: School-based Curriculum Innovation (SCI)
15-007 (OER 10/12 WJS): Design Study Approach to Teacher Professional Development
15-006 (OER 09/12 LYH): Mathematical Progress and Value for Everyone (MProVe)
15-005 (OER 09/10 RS): Comprehending Reading Comprehension: An Intervention in P4 Reading
15-004 (OER 07/12 CYH): Teacher and Student Perceptions of Peer Assessment for English Writing
15-003 (OER 03/10 CD): Leadership and Organizational Change in Singapore Schools: A Baseline Study
15-002 (OER 17/10 WLH) Fostering a Cross-contextual Language Learning Practice through Social Media Creation and Social Interaction Processes
15-001 (OER 14/12 HS): The Impact of Community-based Teacher Learning on Student Learning Outcomes
14-006 (OER 12/12 MK): Implicit Social Cognition as a Predictor of Academic Performance
14-005 (OER 15/11 LEL): Building an Evidence-base for Teacher Education: Phase I
14-004 (OER 15/09 CJY): An Investigation of Nonlinear Pedagogy and its Application in Singapore Schools
14-003 (OER 32/09 VC): New Media Literacy of School Students in Singapore
14-002 (OER 12/10 KHL): Understanding and Profiling Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Development Patterns
14-001 (OER 16/10 LCK): Design for Scalability: From a Class Intervention to a Level Intervention
13-010 (OER 24/09 SCM): Factors Affecting English Language Teachers’ Classroom Assessment Practices- A case study at Singapore secondary schools
13-009 (OER 08/09 YLS): Inclusive Education in Singapore Primary School Classrooms
13-008 (OER 13/10 LYT): Development of a Framework for the Effective Translation of Educational Research into Sustained Practice in Singapore
13-007 (OER 08/10 LC): Arts Research on Teachers and Students 2 (ARTS2): Pedagogies and Practices
13-006 (OER 51/08 MB): Using Web-based tools to Support Source Work and Inquiry in Social Studies
13-005 (OER 21/08 CWL): ICT Experiences and Competencies of Pre-service Teachers in the Digital Age
13-004 (OER 16/09 MC): Inactivity Physiology - The Anthropometric and Blood Parameters of Singaporean Youths
13-003 (OER 22/10 MC): Sweat and Thirst - The Exercise Hydration Knowledge of Coaches and PE Teachers in Singapore
13-002 (OER 16/09 MC): Inactivity Physiology - Staying Still, Singaporean Youths Are Not Moving Enough
13-001 (OER 22/10 MC): Sweat and Thirst - The Exercise Hydration Knowledge of Singaporean Youths
12-006: A Large-scale Study on the Effect of "Physics by Inquiry" Pedagogy on Sec 1 Students' Attitude and Aptitude in Science
12-005 (OER 16/08 WME): Assistive Technology Use amongst Students with Visual Impairments and Their Teachers
12-004 (OER 28/08 VV): A Study of Singapore's Learning Support Programme: Educating from the Heart
12-003 (OER 11/09 KNK): The REAL Experience: Does It Work?
12-002 (EP 5/06 WKY): TEDS-M: Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics
12-001 (OER 34/08 BK): An Exploratory Study on Low Attainers in Primary Mathematics
11-006 (OER 27/08 PT): Multimodal Literacy in English Language and Literature Teaching
11-005 (OER 26/08 CH): Multimodal Meaning-making in the New Media Age: The Case of a Language-based Design Research Intervention
11-004 (OER 47/08 MS): Curriculum Implementation in Early Primary Schooling in Singapore
11-003 (OER 05/08 SL): Exploring the Emerging Identities of Special Needs Officers in Singapore Primary and Secondary Schools
11-002 (OER 09/08 PT): A Study of the Raffles Programme at the Raffles' Girls School, Singapore
11-001 (OER 03/08 TSC): Evaluation of Implementation of the IT Masterplan of 3 and its Impact on Singapore Schools
10-005 (OER 11/08 ZSH): A Study of Chinese Language Oral Competence of Primary School Students
10-004: Singapore Teachers' Espoused Beliefs: Links to Practice
10-003: Integrating New Assessment Strategies into Mathematics Classrooms
10-002 (CRP 03/04 BK): Student Perspective on Effective Mathematics Pedagogy: Stimulated Recall Approach
10-001: Lesson Study and Instructional Improvement in Singapore
09-004: School-based Reading Innovation Project
09-003 (LSL 08/06 DN) Distributed Leadership in School ICT Reform: A Survey of Principals
09-002: Improving Teachers’ Assessment Literacy in Singapore Schools: An Analysis of Teachers’ Assessment Tasks and Student Wo
09-001: The Sociolinguistic Survey of Singapore 2006: Findings and Policy Implications