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This journal is about change and innovation in the most common, typical, and central of educational processes: teaching and learning in classrooms. Pedagogies: An International Journal will apply current theoretical and analytical research work to the question of how pedagogy is being transformed to make new knowledge, new expressive modes and, quite literally, new kinds of teachers and learners.

In Dewey's terms, it is focused on the "designed" ways in which cultures and societies undertake the work of social transformation through education. This in part will involve discussions, debates, and studies of the most tenacious and perennial educational problems, some of which have been with us for a century: teaching to diversity, the persistent educational marginalisation of specific communities. But it will also focus on innovative engagements with new technologies and new forms of identity, new repertoires of teacher practice, and preparation of students for emergent forms of civic, workplace and community life.

It will do so in ways that model cosmopolitan flows of ideas and innovation-from and across educational communities in North and South, East and West, seeking out the most innovative thinkers internationally, and creating international dialogues about teaching and learning.

Authors will address issues of change and the need for practical programmes of policy innovation, curriculum reform, and pedagogical action. More details concerning the preparation and submission of articles can be found at the Taylor and Francis website:

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