Education and Cognitive Development Lab

  • The Education and Cognitive Development Lab (ECDL) focuses on four thematic research areas: Applied Cognitive Development, Atypical Development, Bilingual Development, and Intervention. Using a combination of techniques ranging from behavioral assessment, classroom observation, brain imaging, and other bio-physiological measures, we seek to describe and understand the impact of children's cognitive and non-cognitive capabilities, disposition, and out-of-school influences on their learning and development. A related aim is to identify factors that influence development, focusing specifically on the acquisition of skills and knowledge, and the effectiveness of schooling.  Although much of our work is focused on the development of basic understanding, our ultimate aim is to design pedagogical and individually focused intervention that optimizes learning and development.

    The ECDL Research Advisory Service is a platform to connect researchers.
    NIE faculty staff can provide advice and training on a variety of research methodologies. Visit the following pages for more information:

  • ECDL office is located in Blk 5, Level B3.