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We offer a wide range of higher degree programmes that can enhance your competence and knowledge as you strive to meet the new and changing demands of your career.




A number of scholarships are available to new students in NIE. Do note that the University does not provide any assistance towards all travels or other costs nor does it guarantee employment to scholars on the successful completion of their degree candidature. All scholarships are for full-time studies only, except for the Early Childhood Development Agency Scholarship.

List of scholarships available:

Tan Poey Quee Doctor in Education (NIE-EdD) Scholarship

The Scholarship shall be awarded each year up to a quantum of $18,000 per scholarship per year, renewable in the 2nd year of candidature subject to the following criteria:

  • Scholarship recipient must satisfactorily complete at least 4 courses in the first year of study and earn at least a 3.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), and no course should be lower than a Grade Point 2.5 (C+ grade) to be eligible for renewal of the scholarship for the next academic year.
  • Scholarship recipient must be continuously enrolled in the programme to have the scholarship renewed for the next academic year. Any break in enrolment without an approved deferment will result in a loss of the scholarship. 
  • Receipt, continued receipt, or renewal of the scholarship is also contingent upon the student honouring the NTU-NIE Student Code of Conduct. 

Eligibility to Apply

  • Preference shall be given to Singapore citizens or Singapore permanent residents pursuing the NIE Doctor in Education programme

Selection Criteria

  • In making its recommendations, the Selection Committee shall consider the following:
    • Academic record
    • Introductory letter on goals and aims
    • Work and leadership experiences in education sector
    • Achievements/potential contributions to education
    • References and recommendations
    • Shown sufficient merit in an interview conducted by the Selection Committee
  • Applicants would also have been required to meet the general entry requirements to the NIE EdD programme and other specific conditions. 
  • No award will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit. 

Withdrawal of Award

The scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if in the opinion of the NIE the progress or behaviour of the scholar has not been satisfactory.

For more information about the NIE-EdD programme, please click here. For enquiries on the scholarship, please e-mail Associate Professor Isabella Wong at isabella.wong@nie.edu.sg.

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Muhammad Ariff Ahmad (MAS) Postgraduate Scholarship

Muhammad Ariff Ahmad (MAS) Postgraduate Scholarship and Research Grant are initiated in honor of Dr Muhammad Ariff Ahmad, a highly-regarded Malay scholar whose encyclopedic knowledge and contributions in the fields of Malay literature, culture, education and language are pivotal in shaping and advancing Malay cultural studies in Singapore and the region. 

The MAS Postgraduate Scholarship and MAS Research Grant are dedicated to generate further Malay language, literature, education and culture corpuses by inviting applicants who are pursuing postgraduate studies in the relevant fields, and researchers who are embarking on academic explorations that elevate Malay cultural studies to cross-cultural and international discourses.

Applicants for MA and PhD scholarship are to enroll in NIE or NTU.

Application for MAS Research Grant is open to all local or international scholars.

Field of Study

Malay Studies (including all areas related to the Malay community, viz. language, literature, culture, education, religion, etc.) Research on the work of Muhammad Ariff Ahmad will be given preference.


  • MA candidates:
    - Open to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents with First Class or Second Class (Upper Division) Honours only.
  • For PhD Candidates:
    - Open to all with excellent academic record, regardless of nationality.
  • Research Grants:
    - Open to all with excellent academic record, regardless of nationality.
    - At least 2 years working experience in research.
  • A very good command of Malay and English language.
  • Applicants should not concurrently hold any other scholarship, fellowship, bursary during the prescribed period of the MAS Scholarship.

Value of Award

  • Masters Degree - $10,000
  • Doctor of Philosophy - $15,000
  • Research Grant - up to $15,000

Application period and closing date

1st December to 15th February of each calendar year.

Application Procedure

  • The application form for Scholarship can be found here.
  • The application for Research Grant can be found here.
  • Send supporting documents, hardcopy of the completed application form to ALC/NIE. For Research Grant, applicants must submit 2 samples of publication and certified true copy of transcripts of results from previous educational institutions.
  • Application should reach ALC/NIE by the closing date. Late submission will not be entertained.
  • Recommendation letters from TWO referees to be sent to ALC/NIE directly.
  • Selected applicant will be interviewed.
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected. Regretfully, submissions will not be returned.

All application forms with attached supporting documents must reach ALC/NIE before the closing date of 15th February.

Asian Languages & Cultures Academic Group
National Institute of Education
1 Nanyang Walk
Singapore 637616

If you have any enquiries about MAS Scholarship / Research Grant, please email to A/P Roksana Bibi Abdullah (roksana.abdullah@nie.edu.sg), Higher Degree Coordinator, Malay Language and Culture Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Singapore. A brochure on the scholarship can be downloaded here.

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Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship

The Nanyang President's Graduate Scholarship (NPGS) is a competitive and prestigious sponsorship scheme designed to encourage outstanding graduates or final-year students to take their first step towards a leading research career by studying for a doctoral degree programme (PhD) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), one of Asia's leading research universities.

For further information and to apply, please click on the following link:


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Nanyang Technological University Research Scholarship

Eligibility to Apply

Only PhD candidates with First Class Honours or Second Class (Upper Division) Honours or its equivalent are considered for the scholarship regardless of their citizenship. Applicants must, at the time of the award of the Research Scholarship, have been assured of admission as a full-time candidate for a higher degree by research of this University.

Terms and Conditions of Award

  • The Research Scholarship will take effect from the date on which the scholar reports to the Dean of the School concerned, provided he is already a full-time higher degree student by research of this University.
  • The Research Scholarship will carry a monthly stipend in the range of S$2,000 - S$2,800. The amount payable to each scholar will be determined after taking into consideration the candidate's qualifications, experience, performance and other relevant factors.
  • The scholarship award will also cover the amount of research fee, computer fee as well as amenities fee.
  • The Research Scholarship shall be tenable for one year in the first instance and renewed annually subject to the scholar's satisfactory progress. The maximum period of award is 4 years.
  • The scholar must undertake to carry out research work at this University as directed by the Dean of the School concerned. They must diligently pursue and complete all the requirements for the higher degree within the prescribed period of the award.
  • Upon confirmation of PhD candidature, the scholar is required to assist their School in teaching duties for three hours a week. There will be no remuneration.
  • In addition, the scholar may be required by the Dean concerned to assist the School in academic or administrative work not more than ten hours a week for which he will be remunerated at such rates as may be determined by the University. The scholar may not otherwise accept employment whether or not he is remunerated, or hold concurrently any other scholarship, fellowship or other award without the prior approval of the President of the University.
  • The University reserves the right to terminate the Research Scholarship:
    • at any time without notice if, in the University's opinion, the scholar's progress is not satisfactory or for any misconduct or any other similar reason; or
    • at any time without notice if the scholar breaches or fails to perform or comply with any of these terms and conditions; or
    • at any time without notice if the scholar fails to or is unable to continue or complete the higher degree due to any reason; or
    • at any time by giving one month's notice in writing to the scholar without assigning any reasons therefore.
  • The scholar may terminate the research scholarship by giving one month's notice in writing or pay the University a sum equivalent to one month's stipend in lieu of notice.
  • The award is given on the condition that the scholar passes the University's medical examination.
  • The University reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this award at any time by written notice to you.

For candidates who are not Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents

The offer of this award is conditional upon the scholar being issued a valid Student's Pass by the Singapore Immigration and maintaining a valid Student's Pass for the entire duration of the scholar's studies for the higher degree. The issuance of Student's Pass by the Singapore Immigration is also subject to medical clearance.

Please note that the terms and conditions of the award in this paper are subject to changes without notice.


No separate form is required for the application of Nanyang Technological University Research Scholarship. You may apply for the Scholarship by indicating in the online application form. Although scholarships are available during the August and January intakes, you are encouraged to apply for the scholarship for the August intake. Please ensure your eligibility before applying for the scholarship.

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Pradap Kow Scholarship

The Pradap Kow Scholarship Fund is an endowment established by the estate of Mr Koh Choon Joo (deceased) in remembrance of his wife, Madam Pradap Kow who was also a teacher during her time. The income generated from the invested fund is used to fund postgraduate scholarships.

Eligibility to Apply

  • Master's programme (by Research) at the National Institute of Education.
  • Area of research shall have direct implications for pedagogy or education policy in Singapore.
  • Preference shall be given to Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents.

Tenure of Award

  • The Scholarship shall be awarded to the candidate for a maximum of two years of study.
  • The candidate must, when awarded the Scholarship, undertake to study on a full-time basis.

Value of Award

  • A monthly stipend of S$1,500, effective from the date of commencement of the Master's programme.
  • The Scholarship will also cover the amount of Research Fee and Computer Fee for a maximum of two years of study.
  • There shall be no bond of service in Singapore attached to the Scholarship.

Selection Criteria

The area of research shall have direct implications for pedagogy or education policy in Singapore.

In making its recommendations, the selection committee shall consider the following:

  • Academic record
  • Research proposal
  • References
  • Work experience

Applicants would also have been required to meet the general entry requirements to Masters' programme and other specific conditions.

Withdrawal of Award

The scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if in the opinion of the University / NIE the progress or behaviour of the scholar has not been satisfactory.


Applications must be made on the prescribed forms and submitted to the Dean, Office of Graduate Studies & Professional Learning at the times stipulated.

Frequency of Award

Subject to the University's prevailing spending policy, the scholarship may be awarded in each academic year. However, the Selection Committee can decide not to award the scholarship if there are no suitable candidates.


The President may, in his or her discretion, waive any of the provisions of these rules.

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ECDA-Child Care Scholarships and Teaching Awards

The Early Childhood Development Agency currently offers scholarship for applicants of Master of Education (Early Childhood) programme. For more information, please click here.

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National Arts Council (NAC) Arts Scholarship (Postgraduate)

The NAC Arts Scholarship (Postgraduate) recognizes outstanding arts practitioners and professionals with a vision to lead and advance the development of their practice in the fields of performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, technical arts design and production, or arts management in Singapore.  The postgraduate scholarship supports the deepening of knowledge and skills of practicing artists and professionals who seek to assume a bigger role in their artistic or professional career and bring about positive changes in the arts and cultural sector in Singapore through a wide range of arts and arts-related programme. Click here for more information.


Click here for FAQs on NAC Arts Scholarship.

How to Apply?

Click here for details.

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National Heritage Board (NHB) Scholarship

The NHB scholarship scheme provides financial assistance for promising talents in Singapore to pursue full-time undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the fields of heritage and/or museum management or administration.

The grant is awarded only once for the duration of the study and is non-renewable. Grant quantum is 100% of study costs and is capped at a maximum of $100,000.

Upon successful completion of studies, the NHB scholar will be in the employment of NHB serving a 3-year bond on a full-time basis.

Only short-listed applicants will be notified of the results of their applications.

The National Heritage Board reserves the right not to enter to disclose the reasons for approving or rejecting any application and to reject any incomplete application.

For more details, please click here.

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National Park Board (NParks) Postgraduate Scholarships

NParks would like to invite interested professionals and graduates to apply for the NParks Postgraduate Scholarships. Applicants can choose to pursue Masters or PhD and should preferably conduct research studies in the following specialised fields:

  • Plant Taxonomy
  • Plant Breeding
  • Plant Physiology
  • Plant Protection
  • Soil Science
  • Horticulture
  • Arboriculture
  • Urban Ecology

Applicants will be funded for all related expenses incurred in  Masters or PhD programmes.

Successful applicants are required to serve bond obligations with NParks on completion of programmes. The duration of the bond obligation is dependent on the programme.  It varies with the types of scholarship awarded.

NParks will only inform shortlisted applications for further selection processes.

For Scholarship Application: please click here.

For more information, please click here.

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NRF (EWT) PhD Scholarships

The Environment & Water Industry Programme Office (EWI) promotes the environment & water R&D and industry in Singapore. As part of the talent grooming to support this fast-rising industry, the National Research Foundation (NRF), through the EWI, is providing PhD scholarships to develop experts in Environmental and Water Technologies (EWT) – the NRF (EWT) PhD scholarships.

Please click on this link for further details or to apply for the NRF (EWT) PhD scholarship. 

Brought to you by: Environment & Water Industry Programme Office

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Ridzwan Dzafir Community Awards (RDCA)


The Ridzwan Dzafir Community Awards (RDCA) is incepted in honour of the late Mr Ridzwan Dzafir, a man admired and respected for his relentless service leadership to Singapore as a distinguished Diplomat and an outstanding community leader.

The RDCA aims to help promising career professionals in the public and social service sector who are pursuing postgraduate studies in the relevant sectors.

Field of Study

Any public and/or social services discipline in which the Malay/Muslim community needs to build capacity and leadership. Priorities will be given to applicants pursuing:

  • Organisational/Public Policy & Governance
  • Community Building, Culture & Citizenry
  • Trade & Enterprise

For more information and application of the RDCA award, please click here.

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Russian Global Education Programme

The Russian Russian Agency of Strategic Initiatives (RASI) had recently launched the Russian Global Education Programme (GEP) which is a new government-sponsored scholarship program that funds graduate studies in the areas of science, engineering, medicine, education and management in social sphere at the leading foreign higher education institutions.

Interested applicants are invited to contact the Global Education Programme Manager by visiting: http://educationglobal.ru/en/contacts/

For more information, please visit: http://educationglobal.ru/en/

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IAL Research Grant for Doctoral Candidates

IAL is offering Research Grants to Singapore Citizens pursuing Doctoral Studies that are related to Singapore’s Continuing Education and Training (CET) sector as part of its commitment to develop deep knowledge and research expertise on the local CET Sector. Up to 6 grant awards each valued at up to $100,000 will be offered to outstanding candidates already enrolled in a doctoral programme at a local/overseas university. The Grant is intended to support the candidate during the research and thesis writing phase of the programme, for a duration of up to 3 years. The award selection shall be based on merit and potential impact of the doctoral research for Singapore CET.

For more information about the Grant and how to apply, please click here.

Read about the past recipients of the Grant here.

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Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship and Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship in the Humanities

The Tan Kah Kee Foundation currently offers the Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship (TKKPS) and the Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship in the Humanities (TEKPS) for applicants who are keen in Full-Time postgraduate studies only.

The selection for the scholarship is based on the applicant's academic achievements and commitment to serving the community. Both TKKPS and TEKPS do not carry any bond.

The application procedure and eligibility of TKKPS and TEKPS are the same except that TEKPS is awarded for study of humanities-related subjects.

To apply, please submit:

For more information, please click here.

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