Roles & Responsibilities

Generic Roles and Responsibilities of SCM

Overall in charge of Practicum
  • Main liaison person with the NIES
  • Working with the NIES
    On all matters pertaining to the Practicum learning experiences and performance of student teachers in the school;
    on cases of “student teachers at risk” that need closer monitoring and supervision;
    on the Practicum assessment panel (chaired by the School Principal) to decide on Final Grades to be awarded to student teachers at the end of the Practicum.
  • Conduct briefing for induction of student teachers
  • Conduct briefing for induction of CTs
     -   PPT slides for induction of CTs can be downloaded from Templates & Downloads' section 
     -  Practicum Handbook 2015 (with details of roles & responsibilities) can be found in the 'Templates & Downloads' section

  • Oversee work of CTs & student teachers
  • Facilitate observation of other teachers' lessons
  • Facilitate Focused Conversations (PGDE programmes only)
  • Evaluate student teachers' practicum performance
  • Verify and confirm with NIES the potential DISTINCTION and FAIL cases (for relevant practicums) before the moderation deadline
  • Provides support for STs who call in sick without MC

Generic Roles and Responsibilities of CT
  • Helps settle student teacher*
  • Acquaint the student teacher with school set-up*
  • Assist the student teacher in preparing for classroom teaching [....]
  • Mentor the student teacher in his/her professional development [....]
  • Observe lessons conducted by student teacher
  • Evaluate student teacher's teaching performance
  • Meet with NIES and SCM towards the end of Practicum to discuss summative grades

* Probably done by the SCM who is overall in charge of the practicum in the school, but CTs need to reinforce messages.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities of CT

BA/BSc (Ed) Programmes

Diploma Programmes

PGDE Programmes