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    The NIE Wellness Centre offers affordable psychological services and counselling of a high standard to National Institute of Education trainees, Nanyang Technological University staff and students and to the general public. The centre also functions as a unit that trains postgraduate educational psychology and counselling students. The NIE Wellness Centre is staffed by trainees enrolled in the Master of Arts (Applied Psychology) and Master of Arts (Counselling & Guidance), both postgraduate programmes at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.

    The supervising staff associated with the clinic are Registered Psychologists listed on the Singapore Register of Psychologists and professional counsellors.


  • Fees
    Counselling Services provided by
    Trainee Psychologists

    NIE and NTU Students / Staff Free
    Unemployed adults and students $15 per hour
    Employed adults $30 per hour

    Psychological Assessments conducted by
    Trainee Psychologists

    Psychological Assessments (including reports) $300
    Letter for School (Examination purposes) $30


    The NIE Wellness Centre provides individual, couple and family counselling services as well as educational assessments and therapeutic services for children, adults and families by both trainee as well as professional psychologists and counsellors.

    • Personal counselling to individuals, couples and families
    • Career and academic counselling
    • Psychological Assessments for adults (Cognitive and Personality)
    • Psychological Assessment for Children (Assessment and management of children's behavioral issues, learning difficulties and giftedness)
    • Vocational and Career Assessment
    • Career Coaching

    If you would like to make an appointment with a counsellor or if you have any questions about our services please email us at or call us at 6790 3318.

  • Referring to the Counselling Centre

    NIE Faculty and Staff may find themselves interacting with students who could benefit from the services provided by the NIE Wellness Centre.

    Here are some tips for making a referral

    • Reassure students that the services the NIE Wellness Centre provides are confidential
    • Remind students that our services are FREE
    • Convey to the student that you are concerned about him or her
    • Encourage the student to "try it and see how it goes"
    • Remind students that there is nothing wrong about seeking help
    • In some circumstances, you may want to consider making an appointment for student (with his/her permission) or allow the student to email ( or call to make the appointment on their own (6790 3318).

  • 5 Ways to Look After Your Emotional Health

    1) Keep active!

    Besides getting yourself all fit and fab, exercise can also act as a stress reliever. Just a little exercise can go a long way in helping you feel less worried and depressed. You'll probably sleep better at night too! Even if you haven't been exercising for years and think you're totally out of shape, just start small. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you're travelling by bus, alight one stop earlier and walk to your destination.

    2) Eat well

    Did you know that having breakfast can improve your grades? In your hurry to get to school or work (yes, those 7.30am days!), you may be tempted to skip breakfast. But that means you might be less attentive and remember less from your lessons. A balanced diet is important for good health, so that you can lead a full and active life. This definitely means Big Mac or McSpicy burgers for every meal are a no-no. Junk food can cause extreme swings in energy level and mood. If you need advice on how to improve your diet, do see a dietician or ask a friend whom you know eats healthily.


    3) Get enough sleep

    Yes, yes. Too many assignments and lesson plans to complete, too little time. But your mind and body needs time to rest and heal too. Try using a day planner to help you manage your time well, so that it's less likely you need to stay up all night. And watch the caffeine. It may help you stay awake during the day, but it can keep you up all night too.

    4) Talk to people about your feelings 

    Everyone goes through bad stuff at some points in their lives. But that doesn't mean we need to be alone in the process. If you're feeling down, talk to someone you can trust. This can be a family member, a friend, or even one of the counsellors here at the NIE Wellness Centre.

    Want to know more?

    Email us at or call us at 6790 3318

  • How Can Counselling Help Me?

    Counselling can offer many benefits to you:

    You can:
    • Talk about things that are troubling you, that you find difficult to share even with your friends, family and supervisors;
    • Learn more about yourself and your relationships with others;
    • Find out ways to manage stress;
    • Have a safe space to try and increase your confidence and self-esteem.
    I'm not mentally ill! Why would I need counselling?

    Lots of people go to counselling for reasons other than psychiatric illness. Some people find it useful to have a listening ear as they try and talk through difficulties they are experiencing; others want to find out more about their personalities and the way they can deal with others.

    How do I make an appointment?

    You can email, or call (65) 6790 3318. You will be asked to fill in form with your particulars, suitable times for counselling sessions, and to briefly outline what your goals for counselling are.

    I would like to refer a friend of mine for counselling. How do I do so?

    Refer to our Referral Tab right above for some tips on making a referral.

    How much does it all cost?

    Our services are free for all NIE and NTU students. For unemployed adults and students, we charge $15 per hour, while employed adults are charged $30 per hour. Pyschological assessments, including reports, are $300.

    Who are the staff at the NIE Wellness Centre?

    The Wellness Centre is staffed by trainees enrolled in the Master of Arts (Applied Psychology) and Master of Arts (Counselling & Guidance) programmes at NIE. While the staff are trainees, you can be assured of the highest possible quality of service.

    What happens during counselling?

    During your initial meeting with your counsellor, you will be asked to sign some documents, including a confidentiality agreement. Your counsellor will get to know you and find out what you want to achieve during your sessions. During subsequent sessions, you and your counsellor will guide you in achieving those goals that you have set out during your initial session.

    Will my counsellor share what I say with other people, for example my NIE tutors or supervisors?

    No. Your information and whatever you say during your sessions will be kept confidential, with the file under lock and key in the NIE Wellness Centre. The only exceptions are when you express an intention to harm yourself or others.

    Will what I say be used for research purposes by my counsellor?

    As our staff are trainees on MA programmes in NIE, you might be used as case studies in research work conducted by your counsellor. However this will not happen without your consent, and your anonymity will be preserved.

    How many sessions of counselling are there? How long is each session?

    A typical counselling programme lasts between 6 – 12 sessions, but this depends on various factors, such as how well you think you are progressing towards the goals that you set in your initial session. Each session can range from about 50 min to 90 min.

    What if I feel I don't like my counsellor?

    In the rare case that you feel you do not get along with your counsellor, you can email Mr Bernard Mackenzie at to make alternative arrangements.

    What if I cry?

    Crying is a normal human reaction, especially when talking about difficult issues. Your counsellor will not judge you for crying, and neither should you feel ashamed. NIE Wellness Centre rooms are all stocked with tissue boxes to help you gather yourself should you cry.

    What else can I use the Wellness Centre for apart from counselling?

    We have some literature on stress management and mental wellbeing in the form of brochures for you to take home. We also conduct personality tests and compile psychological reports. Finally, we have a massage chair for you to de-stress should you need it!

    Are you on Facebook?

    Yes! Do like our Facebook Page!

  • NIE / NTU Students and Staff may contact the following for different emergency situations:

    • For all emergency situations: NIE Campus Security 6790 3999
    • For psychological emergency situation after office hours9721 1637

    If you are unsure if the situation warrants psychological emergency,

    • a consultation with our NIE Wellness Centre Staff at 6790 3318 or
    • the IMH Emergency Help Line at 6389 2222 can help determine if emergency treatment is needed.

    In rare cases, a person may be in an acute crisis in which he/she demonstrates behaviour that

    • Elicits serious and immediate concern about safety (either the person's or your own)
    • Or about the person's ability to function (e.g. poor contact with reality)

    In such acute cases, you are encouraged to contact out of campus emergency numbers for immediate assistance:

    • Police 999
    • SCDF 995
    • Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) 1800 221 4444
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    National Institute of Education (NIE)
    Psychology and Child & Human Development Academic Group
    Block 2 - Basement 1 - Room 01/02 (NIE2-B1-01/02)
    1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616
    (Located at the basement of Block 2 of the NIE Campus)

    Opening Hours

    The NIE Wellness Centre operates on appointment basis:
    Mon - Thu    (9.00 am – 5.00 pm)
    Fri                 (9.00 am – 4.30 pm) 
    Lunch break (12.00pm – 1.00 pm)

    Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays
    * Last session will end 1 hour before the Centre's closing time

    Drop by during our walk-in hours:
    Tue (9.30 am – 11.30 am)
    Thu (2.00 pm – 4.00 pm)

    Enquiries & Appointments

    Tel: (65) 6790 3318

    Registration Form

    For registration, please fill up the online form.