New Research Staff Relocating to Singapore

On Arrival

  • The following is a general outline of the process you will undergo when you arrive in Singapore:

    Arrival in Singapore

    Settle into own accommodation

    Report to the NIE Human Resource Department for a brief orientation and to settle administrative matters (date of assumption of duty)

    Accompanied by buddy to report to the Academic Group or Department

    Orientation in the Academic Group or Department

  • The map of the University is available here.

  • When reporting to HRD, please bring along the following items:

    • your original University degree scrolls and academic records;
    • original cards or records as proof of professional membership or qualifications, if any;
    • your and your family's passports (if applicable), the disembarkation cards; and
    • Bank Account Passbook/Statement detail.

    We will also guide you on how to seek reimbursement for your expenses for the pre-employment medical examination.

    Thereafter, a "buddy", usually a colleague assisting in your orientation, will accompany you to your department for further induction.

    Detailed instructions regarding the above will be provided to you nearer the date of your arrival in Singapore.

  • A University Staff Card will be issued to you when you assume duty.

  • You will be given a computer network account with username and password for you to access the Internet, electronic mailing services and NIE portal.

  • You will be given an orientation package when you report at the NIE HRD. The package contains information useful for your work in the University.