Research Associate (Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group) [NParks – TLT]  

  • The National Institute of Education invites suitable applications for the position of Research Associate on a 24-month contract at the Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group

    Project Title: Marine Invertebrate-Associated Bacteria: Microbial Diversity and Applications Toward Conservation Efforts

    Project Introduction:
    As part of an integrated approach to marine conservation in Singapore, it is important to understand the diversity and significance of microbial communities found associated with marine benthic invertebrates, such as sponges and corals.  Moreover, the potential biotechnological applications of these bacterial associates would form part of a toolbox for promoting marine conservation and management in Singapore.  With this in mind, the present study aims to generate baseline bacterial community data found in Cliona patera and various hard coral species belonging to the genera Acropora and Pachyseris using amplicon pyrosequencing approach.  In addition, the study will assess the applications of marine bacteria associated with C. patera and hard coral species.  Using culture-dependent method, marine bacteria isolated from marine invertebrates will be screened for their ability to interfere with quorum sensing systems in pathogenic bacteria.  Furthermore, a series of proof of concept lab-based experiments will be carried out to assess the role of microbial consortium in enhancing coral resilience and health in susceptible hard coral species.
  • Possess a Master’s degree in Biology-related fields and/or a Bachelor's Degree with honours in Biology-related fields
    At least two years of working experience in a biotechnology-based industry
    Be familiar with experimental techniques pertaining to microbiology and/or molecular biology
    Ability to work independently
    Strong written and verbal communication skills
    Well-rounded and mature character
    Good interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Assist in field collection of marine samples
    Carry out isolation, culturing and identification of marine bacteria
    Perform micro-extraction of bacterial culture broth
    Assist in lab-based experiments related to the enhancement of coral resilience and health in hard coral species.
    Other tasks as assigned by the Principal Investigator
  • Applicants should complete and submit the following item/s:

    • Application form for Research Positions
    • Cover letter explaining how you meet the requirements of this position
    • Supporting documents as stated on the job application form
    • Other documents to support your qualifications

    Please send your application to:

    Dr Tan Lik Tong 
    Senior Lecturer
    Natural Sciences & Science Education Academic Group
    National Institute of Education
    1 Nanyang Walk
    Singapore 637616
    Tel: (65) 6790 3842 
    Fax: (65) 6896 9414

    **We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be notified**

  • 23 Oct 2018
  • NIE staff can take chartered buses at their own expense from or near their homes to the NIE campus. This is subject to availability of seats.