Research Associate (Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group Department) [RP3/17GRD]  

  • The National Institute of Education invites suitable applications for the position of Research Associate on a 12-month contract at the Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group.

    Project Title: Field Controlled Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Based On/Off Switches for Flexible Electronics

    Project Introduction: In recent years, in order to reduce the size and power of the memory and logic devices, “Memristors” as considered as ideal candidates for non-volatile memory and logic operations. Flexible Memristors using polymers as flexible substrates has drawn research attention in the field of flexible wearable smart electronics.

    The main objectives of the project are:

    1. To develop new multiple stimuli-responsive polymers by controlled polymerization, fabrication of thin films, and logic devices.
    2. To investigate the electrical transport of the device under changes in external electric and magnetic field.
  • Essential

    • A Master degree or higher in Chemistry/Materials Chemistry
    • Strong background and experience in polymer science
    • Previous working experience on controlled polymerization methods (RAFT, ATRP)
    • Trained on material characterization techniques such as SEM, TEM, GPC, Raman, VSM, XPS, electric transport, and Light Scattering etc
    • Experience in scientific writing and writing of research grants
    • Good written and verbal communication skills with evidence of proven writing skills
    • Good organizational and interpersonal skills
    • Possess computer skills like Origin, Sigma Plot, Fortran and Data Modelling


    • Synthesis of polymers with controlled polymerization methods (RAFT, ATRP)
    • Experience with resistive switching cell, memristors, and device fabrication
    • Able to work within given deadlines and with an eye for details
    • Able to work independently with minimum supervision
    • Setting-up of facility for controlled polymerization methods
    • Synthesis of new types of block copolymers and modifications
    • Characterization of the new polymers both in bulk and in solution
    • Devise fabrication using the polymers, measurement of electric transport and performance
    • Maintain lab in orderly manner
    • Help in procurement of items for experiments
    • Perform other tasks, related to project, as assigned by the Principal Investigator
  • Applicants should complete and submit the following item/s:

    • Application form for Research Positions
    • Cover letter explaining how you meet the requirements of this position
    • Supporting documents as stated on the job application form
    • Other documents to support your qualifications

    Please send your application to:

    Asst/P. G. Roshan Deen
    Principal Investigator
    Soft Materials Laboratory
    Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group
    National Institute of Education
    1 Nanyang Walk
    Singapore 637616
    Tel: (65) 6790 3816

    **We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be notified**

  • 20 August 2018
  • NIE staff can take chartered buses at their own expense from or near their homes to the NIE campus. This is subject to availability of seats.