30th International Sport Science Congress 2018 in Iksan City, South Korea

30th International Sport Science Congress 2018 in Iksan City, South Korea

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Intl Sport Science Congress 1_HJCHUNG

Theme: Sport Science at a Crossroad of Transition: Challenges and Opportunities

Physical Education Teacher Training in Singapore: The Robust Interface between Ministry of Education, National Institute of Education and Schools
presented by Dr Chung Ho Jin

In accordance with a report by National Institute of Education (NIE), “the Singapore brand of education is renowned globally, with many academics, policy-makers and government leaders seeking to emulate or adapt relevant features for their own countries. The success of the Singapore school system can be attributed to three main factors: sound educational policies; the quality of teachers in schools; and the efforts undertaken at the school level to improve student learning.”
It relies on a strong tripartite relationship between Ministry of Education (MOE), NIE and schools working in tandem in their specific roles to achieve the desired outcome of producing high quality teaching professionals. Particularly, MOE stress teacher's pivotal role to build 'our Home, our Singapore' as they believe that teacher teaches to make Singapore possible and Singapore’s future possible.
Mr Heng Swee Keat, who was education minister, had called for a change in focus on academic results to mastering skills, and pushed for every school to develop areas of strength in Physical Education (PE) and school sports. Thanks to his effort, MOE put PE in the centre of the school curriculum framework. In line with a change of MOE policy initiatives, MOE has been striving to have qualified PE teachers who are well-equipped with the necessary pedagogies and subject knowledge in schools.
In this sense, this presentation is to describe how MOE collaborates with NIE and local schools to nurture qualified PE teachers. Through this presentation, I hope a national audience to engage in a conversation about the PE teacher training between South Korea and Singapore.