Assoc Prof Caroline Koh publishes a new book on Diversifying Learner Experience

Assoc Prof Caroline Koh publishes a new book on Diversifying Learner Experience

Friday, 08 January 2021

Diversifying Learner Experience

The book entitled ‘Diversifying Learner Experience: A kaleidoscope of instructional approaches and strategies’, edited by Associate Professor Caroline Koh, has recently been published. With contributions from faculty members of the Psychology and Child & Human Development Academic Group as well as international authors, the book discusses educational, psychological, and social issues/challenges related to the diverse needs of both young and adult learners. It brings together strategies and innovations that educators from diverse educational contexts have conceptualized and implemented to cater to differences in academic ability, as well as in other domains such as psychosocial contexts and developmental needs. The emergence of IT and new technologies have altered the educational landscape and opened a multitude of opportunities for diverse modes of instruction catering to diverse student populations.

The book addresses the gap in the literature with evidence-based reports of innovative strategies and approaches that are grounded in educational research. It identifies student differences in terms of academic ability, cultural and social background, as well as developmental and psycho-emotional needs. It examines how new technologies are used in instructional approaches and how these innovative strategies diversify learner experiences. The book is a valuable resource to practitioners, researchers and educational administrators.

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