NIE MME Colleagues Publish Book on Mathematics Teaching

NIE MME Colleagues Publish Book on Mathematics Teaching

Monday, 25 November 2019

Book Cover

Professor Berinderjeet Kaur and her team at NIE’s Mathematics & Mathematics Education (MME) Academic Group published a book titled Twelve Questions on Mathematics Teaching. The book is based on the team’s OER research project on “A study of the enacted school mathematics curriculum.”

Nine MME faculty consisting of mathematics educators and mathematicians worked on a programmatic research project that would shed light on important questions regarding Singapore mathematics classrooms such as:

  • What is happening in Singapore classrooms that can explain our positive results in international benchmark surveys, such as TIMSS and PISA?
  • Is the curriculum enacted in Singapore classrooms anything like the curriculum in official Ministry of Education documents?
  • More importantly, can we find good effective practices from our research which we can later share with other teachers?

This book is one of the results of their analysis. In a similar vein to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s book titled Ten Questions for Mathematics Teachers and How PISA can Help Answer Them (2016), it seeks to answer 12 questions on mathematics teaching in Singapore classrooms which will help to suggest useful and effective directions and pedagogies for all mathematics teachers.