NIE Strategic Vision 2022

  • The NIE Strategic Vision 2022 (“NIE 2022”) is the culmination of a three-year strategy development and stakeholder engagement process. With the theme, “A Future-Ready National Institute of Education,” the new NIE 2022 highlights the Institute’s aim to be a leader of the future of education in Singapore and internationally.

    As Singapore’s national institute for teacher education and only institute for teacher accreditation, NIE’s mission is to inspire learning, transform teaching and advance research in education.

    NIE focuses on delivering future-ready programmes and pedagogies underpinned by a “life-long, life-deep, life-wide and life-wise” philosophy. The Institute also strives to lead innovations in pedagogies and in the development and design of learning technologies.

    To meet the lifelong learning needs of in-service teachers, educators and other professionals, NIE offers flexible and rigorous professional learning courses and modules that are stackable towards advanced diplomas and higher degrees.

    Research at NIE helps to inform education policy and contributes to the enhancement of learning and teaching within NIE and in the schools. The notion of purposeful learning frames research at NIE and shifts the emphasis away from learning for preparation or performance to learning for passion and interest.

    NIE continues to establish, extend and deepen collaborations and impact with key stakeholders and strategic partners. Through evidence-informed programmes designed in collaboration with the Singapore Ministry of Education and delivered by expert teacher educators, NIE makes a positive impact on the quality of the teaching profession and teaching practices that in turn enhance the quality of learning in our schools.

    Last but not least, NIE endeavours to build an adaptable, professional and service-oriented institutional core of faculty and staff with a trust-based culture and a solutions mindset.

    I am confident that NIE 2022 will focus our efforts towards taking the Institution to greater heights in the coming years and make us ready to embrace future opportunities and challenges.

    Director, National Institute of Education, Singapore

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    Professor Christine Goh

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    Developing “life-long, life deep, life-wide and life-wise" programmes and pedagogies

    Leading and exemplifying learning technologies and innovations in pedagogies

    Developing an overarching institutional research strategy and strengthening the research-practice nexus

    • Inspire joy for learning from “cradle to grave” and cater to evolving learner needs from early childhood to senior adulthood


    • Develop curiosity, capacity and values, e.g., empathy, to acquire both disciplinary depth and multiple perspectives, e.g., information and digital literacies


    • Acquire key critical capabilities for success grounded by positive values and virtues


    • Allow for flexibility in both structure and assessment in our programmes and curriculum

    • Promote adoption of innovative mindsets and practices in teaching and learning NIE-wide


    • Optimise recent investments on innovative learning infrastructure


    • Develop and showcase our expertise and capacity to exemplify how the latest learning pedagogies, technology and spaces may be used to enhance life-long learning outcomes

    • Facilitate and encourage research across NIE with visible current and future impact on programmes, pedagogies and policy


    • Identify key research priorities spanning the spectrum of life-long learning across disciplines and establish institute-wide support structures for these priorities


    • Enhance translation of NIE research outcomes
  • 4-lives

    For more information on the "4-Life" Framework, please refer to:

    Kwek, D., Hung, D., Koh, T. S., & Tan J. (2017). OER-CRPP Innovations for Pedagogical Change: 5 Lessons. Singapore: National Institute of Education.

    Download the report

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    Boosting the visibility of NIE's strengths and achievements through our key stakeholders such as MOE and NTU

    Deepening affiliations with both regional and international partners

    Strengthening alumni relations toward a life-long NIE affiliation

    • Strengthen relevance and contribution to MOE and Singapore education 


    • Strengthen identity with NTU and sharpen NTU-NIE branding 


    • Encourage more active participation and involvement in NTU activities, committees and boards 


    • Encourage more cross-disciplinary collaborations with other NTU schools and faculty

    • Boost the visibility of our strengths and achievements (e.g., through hosting more regional and international conferences, think-tanks and summer programmes)


    • Develop meaningful strategic collaborations, as well as deepen existing tie-ups


    • Align with key research priorities across disciplines


    • Leverage unique value propositions of the NIE learner experience

    • Cultivate life-long ambassadors and partners for NIE 


    • Build and maintain positive relations with students, faculty and staff from the moment they enter NIE 


    • Maintain strong links with international participants of our programmes


    • Review current organisational need for a dedicated alumni relations function


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    Developing a culture of trust and a growth-and-solutions mindset to support NIE's mission

    Investing in faculty and staff professional development and developing enablers for talent attraction

    Bolstering support and structures for programmes, research and administrative excellence

    • Focus on building trust through strengthening feedback channels, and cultivating a growth-and-solutions mindset in our daily work


    • Encourage more innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets and practices 


    • Formalise an effective mechanism for business scanning and planning 


    • Enhance our mechanisms for feedback and internal communications


    • Empower faculty and staff to be community builders


    • Establish a more structured mechanism for in-house staff and faculty professional development


    • Enhance monitoring processes and initiatives


    • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of strategic faculty and staff recruitment for capacity building in key priority areas 

    • Review and enhance our administrative and support structures and processes for even higher efficiency and productivity 


    • Smart and green campus - dovetail with NTU efforts, make effective use of technological affordances to minimise process redundancies and adopt more eco-friendly solutions


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    How does the NIE Strategic Vision 2022: A Future-Ready National Institute of Education guide and inspire one’s work at NIE? Hear from some of our fellow colleagues on what the NIE 2022 means to them and how it has impacted their daily work.









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