‘Brown Bag’ Seminar  "The Flourishing Trade of Human Trafficking”

‘Brown Bag’ Seminar "The Flourishing Trade of Human Trafficking”

Date & Time

19 September 2012, 00:00


NIE 3-02-27


Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE)



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Human trafficking is a problem that has been prevalent in our society since ancient times. Over 400 years ago, Africans were transported across the Atlantic and exported as bonded labour. Fast forward to 400 years later, we have achieved technological breakthroughs, discovered science and even sent man to the moon. Yet we haven’t been able to solve the perennial problem of slavery, but this time, it is modern day slavery. There are 27 million modern day slaves in the world today, 9 million of which are in Asia; and increasing at 2.5 million a year.   Human trafficking is a global business with an annual profit of US$32 billon - third largest in the world after arms and drugs. So what is human trafficking and how does it affect you and I? What are the root causes of this crime against humanity, and how can we help to combat human trafficking? Recently Singapore Government set up an InterAgency Taskforce to combat what has been described as “a threat to Singapore's security as well as its economic and social fabric”. Most Singaporeans do not think that it is a problem in Singapore. So is there human trafficking in Singapore? How severe is the problem here? What are the challenges that authorities face? 

These are some of the questions which will be discussed at this seminar.

 The speaker

Sylvia Lee has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London and started her career as a chemical engineer at Shell where she gained experience in refinery operations, engineering design, product quality, economics and optimization, planning, strategy, investments, talent management, strategic and operational HR. In 2008, Sylvia left the corporate world as Head of HR, CapitaLand Limited to pursue personal interests. Currently, she is a Board Member of Jurong Health Services and National University Health System. She is also a Director of ACTSYS Process Management Consultants Pte Ltd., a Board Member of Align HR Consulting, and the Co-founder and Director of Lotus Culture Ltd., a non-profit organisation whose mission is to help to rebuild lives of survivors of human trafficking and sexual slavery in Cambodia. In 2012, she set up EmancipAsia Ltd., a non-profit organisation whose mission is to raise awareness about human trafficking and to empower individuals, communities and businesses to take action to combat this crime against humanity.

For more information about her work, please visit: www.emancipasia.org and www.lotusculture.com