Active Learning Instruction in Physics with Dataloggers

Active Learning Instruction in Physics with Dataloggers

Date & Time

24 October 2013, 03:24


Academy of Singapore Teachers, 2 Malan Road, Singapore109433


Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL)

Events Details

In this workshop, participants will be able to use dataloggers to promote active learning instruction in physics, with the primary focus on the learning of concepts rather than on the mechanics of the technology. Participants will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience with datalogging equipment using a range of sensors to teach various concepts in the A-level physics curriculum. The workshop will illustrate some of the benefits of using dataloggers, such as the ability to:
  • record automated, continuous and multiple readings over a period of time
  • record transient phenomena
  • provide real-time visual feedback on the trends/patterns between variables
  • provide multiple-linked graphical representations
  • provide quick and complex data analysis

The key to effective use of dataloggers lies in the teacher’s skillful role in embedding the technology to match the learning goals and in structuring learning activities that create more opportunities for strategic questioning, interpretation, generation of hypothesis and predictions, and critical reflection on outcomes in order to support active learning instruction in physics.

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