Assessment Colloquium 2015

Assessment Colloquium 2015

Date & Time

07 September 2015, 00:00 - 08 September 2015, 00:00


St. Margaret’s Secondary School


Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Office of Education Research (OER)
Psychological Studies (PS)



Events Details

Assessment Colloquium 2015 features yet another series of assessment workshops and seminars for classroom teachers and key personnel.  The offering will cater to differing interest and expertise - ranging from entry level workshops to exploring advanced topics on assessment and learning in schools. Signing up for at least one of the workshops will also grant you priority access to the pre-colloquium seminars. More details of the facilitators, presentation, workshops and seminars can be found below.  Assessment Colloquium 2015 is organised by Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL), National Institute of Education (NIE) in collaboration with colleagues from Psychological Studies (PS) AcademicGroup and Office of Educational Research (OER).

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