CJ Koh Professorship 2010: Seminar to NIE Staff entitled 'Multidisciplinary Research on Learning for Promoting Quality in Teaching and Learning'

CJ Koh Professorship 2010: Seminar to NIE Staff entitled 'Multidisciplinary Research on Learning for Promoting Quality in Teaching and Learning'

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01 November 2010, 00:00




Office of Education Research (OER)



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Time: 9.30am - 11.30am

The changes in learning research and in society at large require us to reflect on why we should speak more about multidisciplinary research on learning. The presentation summarises the changes that have been visible over the last decades. It wants to describe how such concepts as learning, knowledge and learning environments have changed and what kinds of claims these transformations lay in education and research on learning and education. Learning has become a concept that is situated in the context of different disciplines viz education, psychology, sociology, economics, technology, architecture and neuroscience.

Learning environments have changed radically. Along with schools and educational institutions, they now also cover a large range of different kinds of non-formal learning spaces including virtual environments. Working life and organisations as well as the media and leisure time are breaking traditional concepts of where and how people are learning. People can learn even if there is no teaching provided and it is well known that some people do not learn when teaching is available.

The concept of knowledge has also changed from one of static transmitted contents, to knowledge that is ever renewable and often construed jointly with other learners. Knowledge creation is socially shared and emerges from participation in socio-cultural activities. The contents and processes are intermediating. No longer does any one institution or group have a monopoly on knowledge. While knowledge continues to be available in educational institutions such as schools and universities, it is increasingly located in workplaces as well as in everyday life, accessible through various media- and technology-based environments. Open access to knowledge creates new requirements for learners and learning research.

The presentation illustrates how multidisciplinary learning research and education can support each other. As a case, the lecture describes the major results of the Finnish national research programme entitled Life as Learning and new initiatives to promote learning research through the multidisciplinary CICERO Learning Network. The aims of these multidisciplinary programmes are to promote quality of learning outcomes as well as quality of life through learning.

Dr Hannele Niemi is Professor of Education at the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki. She is Chair of the Cross-disciplinary Initiative for Collaborative Efforts of Research on Learning (CICERO) Network (www.cicero.fi) for multidisciplinary research on learning.

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