Dialogic Argumentation: Development of thinking and expository writing

Dialogic Argumentation: Development of thinking and expository writing

Date & Time

11 September 2015, 00:00


NIE7-01-TR712 & NIE2-02-07 (ECL 3)


Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL)


Professional Development

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Course Objective

This course will introduce participants to the practice of dialogic argumentation. We explore the theory of how social argumentation mirrors individual thinking and is thus a productive path to developing 21st century dispositions and thinking values. The curriculum is a structured approach designed to help students debate broad issues represented by 2 opposing perspectives. Research evidence shows that repeated practice of dialogic argumentation improves students’ expository essay writing which requires the high level ability to integrate multiple perspectives and evidence. Participants will engage in dialogic argumentation with each other in order to better understand the argumentation process. Time will also be set aside for participants to discuss issues of implementation in the classroom..

Course Outline
  1. Why Argue?
  2. The Curriculum in broad view
  3. The Curriculum Session by Session
  4. Developing Argumentive discourse
  5. Developing Argumentive writing
  6. Assessing outcomes

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