The Dialogues of Culture and Pedagogy

The Dialogues of Culture and Pedagogy

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17 March 2010, 00:00




Office of Education Research (OER)



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Time: 10.00am – 11.30am

Published in 2001, Robin Alexander’s Culture and Pedagogy explored, through fieldwork undertaken in five countries, the relationship between what goes on in classrooms and the cultures, histories and policies by which classroom life is framed. It also attempted to assess what, without resorting to naive policy imports, one country can properly learn from others in pursuit of pedagogical improvement, and what a truly comparative pedagogy might look like. The work won both the AERA Outstanding Book Award in the United States and the SES Book Prize in the United Kingdom.

As yet, unlike Joseph Tobin with his celebrated Pre-School in Three Cultures, Robin Alexander has not been able to repeat the Culture and Pedagogy research so as to examine what has changed in the schools and classrooms in England, France, India, Russia and the United States in which he worked from 1994-1998. However, he has built on and applied the work in a variety of ways, consolidating his account of the nature of pedagogy, and in particular following up the book’s own judgement that the most fruitful area for the practical application of the study’s findings in the United Kingdom might be the classroom talk through which both learning and culture are mediated. This latter work, as ‘dialogic teaching’, is now well advanced and has been widely taken up, and not only in Britain. Robin Alexander will outline these developments and hopes to compare notes with those NIE colleagues who, like him, have ventured into the complex field of comparative pedagogy and its practical applications.

Professor Robin Alexander is Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, Professor of Education Emeritus, University of Warwick, and Director of the Cambridge Primary Review.

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The following material related to the seminar  is available for download:
Dialogic Teaching Essentials