Educational Design Research

Educational Design Research

Date & Time

27 February 2015, 00:00


NIE2-02-06 (Education Computer Lab 3)


Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL)

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Course Objective

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the challenges with educational research
  • Describe the characteristics of educational design research
  • Plan for educational research studies


Course Outline

The field of education is somewhat notorious for its weak links between research, policies and practices. Educational design research intends to bridge those perspectives. This course will explore how that can be done. What problems and questions are suitable for this research approach? What are major principles and methods? How to plan such studies? How to report about (pieces of) design research? How to connect small scale interventions with the bigger picture? What are promising approaches of cooperation? How to combine practical relevance with scientific rigour?

Professor Jan van den Akker will address these challenges, based upon his broad experiences (from both the Netherlands as well as many international contexts). While his major background is in curriculum research and development, his reasoning and examples also relate to other domains.

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