HSSE 'Brown Bag' Seminar Well-being at Work

HSSE 'Brown Bag' Seminar Well-being at Work

Date & Time

24 September 2014, 00:00


NIE 3-02-27


Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE)



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About the Topic

What is well-being? What does or would it look like in our workplace? This Brown Bag talk will explore different conceptions of well-being, factors that affect and contribute to our sense of well-being, and relationships between well-being and work experience. It examines studies of well-being conducted in Singapore and elsewhere and considers what seems to be shaping well-being in our work. In particular, it looks at the ways the chase for rankings, initiative creep, meritocratic appraisal systems, and other workplace factors may affect work and well-being. The talk concludes by identifying what we might do individually, collectively, and institutionally to promote greater well-being in our work and lives. The talk draws on research in sociology and psychology as well as the arts, philosophy, and other sources of inspiration to probe the quality of our everyday work experience.

About the Speakers

Mark Baildon is Associate Professor and Head in the Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group at the National Institute of Education. Although his work has focused on social studies inquiry and literacy practices in secondary schools, he has become more concerned about well-being – his own and others – in the workplace and in educational settings. He thinks that work and learning are challenging and often painful but can be deeply satisfying as well. He seems to have always struggled with work-life balance and finding ways to manage family life, personal interests, social activities, and work commitments. He tries to eat healthy, exercise regularly, find time for contemplation and reflection, and seeks meaning and joy in his work and life. He finds that these habits, along with being deeply engrossed in the present moment or worthwhile problems to investigate (inquiry!) and spending quality time with family, colleagues, friends and his dog, promotes his well-being and may even enhance his productivity at work.