IAL1035 - Planning for teaching of Malay Language grammar: The 5-step Approach

IAL1035 - Planning for teaching of Malay Language grammar: The 5-step Approach

Date & Time

15 March 2017, 09:30 - 15 March 2017, 12:30


National Institute of Education, ALC-ICT Resource Room (NIE3-02-03)


Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL)


Professional Development

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The Malay Language Curriculum & Pedagogy Review Committee (MLCPRC) Report 2005, highlighted the need for a “Pedagogy for Differentiated Learning” based on the fact that “ML pupils have diverse home language backgrounds and abilities.” (MOE, 2005: 4). The Report too highlighted the need for holistic assessment and the emphasis on the teaching of values with the vision of Arif Budiman being the axis. Five years later in 2010, the Nurturing Active Learners Report indicated the importance of making teaching explicit especially taking into account the rapidly changing demographic of the Malay Language learner. Based on these two seminal reports, the Ministry of Education reviewed and recrafted the Malay Language primary syllabus in 2008 and then again in 2015. Based on the latter, there are ‘6 Pillars’ that upholds the spirit of teaching and learning Malay Language in the ‘new’ Singapore classroom. Based on these ‘6 Pillars’ and to meet the desired outcomes of ML teaching, a 5-step approach was developed in the planning process of teaching Malay grammar to enhance the learning experience for students. This course will explore these five steps in relation to the ‘6 Pillars’ of the ML syllabus.

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