INS6027 - Comparative Environmental Physiology

INS6027 - Comparative Environmental Physiology

Date & Time

08 August 2016, 18:30 - 11 November 2016, 21:30


National Institute of Education, NIE7-01-TR708


Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL)


Professional Development

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The course discusses physiological functioning and comparative adaptation of animals across a range of environments and to parameters such as water, ions, light, nutrient levels, temperature. Topics include: the physical nature of an organism’s environment, size, isometric and allometric scaling; mechanisms of adaptation, physiological regulation of gene expression; osmoregulation, excretion, costs and energetic of water and ion balance; energy metabolism; ventilation systems, comparative physiology of respiratory pigments; respiratory and circulatory adaptations to anoxia, hypoxia during diving, burrowing, high-altitude exposure; adaptations to the deep—sea environment; physiological effects of temperature; adaptations to life in the marine, estuarine, freshwater, thermally extreme and terrestrial (including extreme) environments with attention to thermal, respiratory, ionic, osmotic, reproductive and life-cycle adaptation; mammalian thermoregulation, endocrine system and human reproductive physiology

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