IPD0135 - Applied Educational Neuroscience for Learners with Special Educational Needs

IPD0135 - Applied Educational Neuroscience for Learners with Special Educational Needs

Date & Time

01 October 2015, 00:00 - 05 November 2015, 00:00




Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL)


Professional Development

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This course provides in-service teachers with an educational neuroscience service delivery model for meeting the diverse learning needs of children. Emphasis will be placed on brain-basis of learning and behaviour, with direct application to classroom practice. Through preliminary didactic instruction, students will develop an understanding of cognitive diversity and individual differences in reading, writing, language, math, and psychosocial functioning. Best-practices in the effective teaching and neuropsychological rehabilitation literature will be explored from an educational neuroscience perspective, leading participants to consider the intersection of individual characteristics and evidence-based classroom instruction in online discussion board postings. During cooperative learning group presentations and discussions, participants will report on individual cases with learning and/or behavioural needs from the field/classroom to the cohort. Case presentations will include relevant history, classroom observations, work products, prior intervention attempts, and Neuropsychological Assessment Observation Checklist results. Following discussion regarding the case strengths and weaknesses from an educational neuroscience perspective, the cohort will consider evidence-based interventions that promote cognitive, academic, neuropsychological, and behavioural skill development. This application of theoretical and empirical intervention approaches will facilitate teacher’s competence in differentiating instruction in the field/classroom to meet the needs of all learners with or without special education needs (SEN).

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