LSL/OER Talk: Design and Enactment: How teachers integrate 1:1 technologies

LSL/OER Talk: Design and Enactment: How teachers integrate 1:1 technologies

Date & Time

27 February 2014, 00:00




Learning Sciences Lab (LSL)
Office of Education Research (OER)



Events Details

By Peter Seow

Date: 27 February 2014 (Thurs)
Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Venue: LSL Meeting Room (NIE5-B3)

The reduced cost and prevalent use of mobile computing devices coupled with ease of network connectivity has driven schools to adopt 1:1 technologies into the classroom. A recent example is the Los Angeles Unified School District’s ambitious US$30m plan to equip their students with an iPad. Since the first 1:1 programme was introduced in 1990, studies have been conducted to evaluate various implementations and student learning outcomes. However, little is known about how teachers are learning and integrating 1:1 technologies into the classroom. Yet teachers are one of the most critical factors for success in any 1:1 implementation because they decide how and when the technology will be used in the classroom. This presentation will explore the lived experiences of 6 teachers in integrating 1:1 technologies in the classroom using a Phenomenological approach. Studying the teachers’ experiences will provide a better understanding of how teachers integrate 1:1 technologies into their classroom and the supports they need in school to implement 1:1 technologies for teaching and learning.

Peter Seow is a Research Associate in the Translation and Development Unit (TDU) in OER. He is a final-year PhD candidate in the Learning Sciences and Technologies (LST). His research interests are designing and learning with Mobile technologies, and studying how schools implement, scale and sustain innovations.